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10 Ways to Earn Extra Income

It is a reality that you are not always compensated enough for a job well done.

In times like this, you are forced to seek for other income-generating options that will suffice your every day survival.

You may have your own reasons why you are venturing for other smaller jobs, but generally you tend to have second, third or fourth jobs because of your increasing credit card bills, raising loan interests or to just simply heed to the call of a lavish lifestyle.

Sometimes, the reason behind having sidelines is you become so overwhelmed with working that you find yourself restless and sick when you do not work or do something productive for the day.

Recession is also a factor why you seek for other money-making options because of the high unemployment rate during this time.

The question here is: how can you find other income-generating jobs? What will you do? How can you balance your time?

The last question is not a serious problem because time management should not be a hindrance if you want to pursue more than one job and if you want to earn extra income. It is obvious that the first thing you should do is balance your time and schedule so that you will not lose track of the things you should accomplish.

ways to earn extra income

However, the first two questions need to be elaborated further, and to help you understand more and explore other possibilities, here is a list of smaller job options that you can do on a weekend or before and after work.

  1. On-call nanny – This is advisable for college students who want to have a part-time job or to single women who work. After school or before going to work, accept nanny jobs that pay you every hour. It may seem so easy but it is not because you need to have a long patience for other people’s kids and you need a wide range of leverage that will raise your credibility as a person.
  2. Sell pre-owned items – You will never use the same things forever so why keep them in your cabinet with a pile of dust in them. It is wise to gather all items that are unused or rarely used and just have them sold in a garage sale or even have some valuable things auctioned. You can also gather your neighbors and organize a community sale where everyone can benefit.
  3. Educate, be a tutor – Be of service to kids in your neighborhood and be their tutor. This sideline will guarantee you enough compensation because you can set your own value and you can negotiate with your client. With this job, you do not only earn money for yourself but you also earn the trust of parents who entrust you their child’s knowledge.
  4. Cook and Sell – Invest in buying cook books or even enroll in baking or cooking lessons. Afterwards, you can use all the things you have learned to generate additional income. You can bake cupcakes, muffins and other varieties of pastries and have them sold. You can start it with your friends who can help you improve your goodies then to your office and eventually expand your business within your neighborhood or town. In this small-scale business, you can use your creativity and passion for cooking.
  5. Apply for freelance jobs – If you want to earn while at home, you can do freelance jobs for websites and SEO companies. You can be a freelance writer, web designer, virtual administrator and other internet-related jobs. These jobs may not offer a large salary but it is sure that you are well paid with your job.
  6. Turn hobbies into money – If you are into photography, videography, layouting or whatnot, try using your hobbies to generate more income. You can start offering your services to friends and friends of friends to start building your own network. Network is important especially if you are not affiliated with a company and you are just working as a freelance. Who knows, you can make a career out of your hobby.
  7. Offer your services to your neighbors – It may not promise you a pleasant amount but at least you earn something. Offer yourself to neighbors who are very preoccupied with their own career. Aside from being a nanny, you can do the garden for the owner, mow lawns, walk the dog and clean the house.
  8. Recycle for money – Gather newspapers, used bottles and cans and other recyclable materials from your household and from the entire neighborhood. Call out for friends who are willing to help and start recycling the materials and create other items from them. It will not only offer a guaranteed income, but it also involves growth in terms of creativity. As a bonus, you have also promoted the advocacy for a greener planet.
  9. Spare time for part-time – If you have spare time especially during the weekends and you do not want to be a bum all day at home, why not apply as a part-time worker in the nearest coffee shop, town bookstore or fastfood restaurant. The work may be tiring but eventually you will acquire more income.
  10. Run an errand – Talk to your relatives and friends and offer them your service but not for free. You can run an errand for them whenever they do not have time and ask to be compensated properly. A dollar or two may count; at least you have an amount to add up to your savings.

These are examples of small-scale job options for people who want more income far from their original job. However, wise money management is still necessary so that your income will not fade in a snap. Proper saving and budget planning should be done regularly.

This guest post was written by Henessy Cervano, who is blogger and Marketing consultant for, one of the leading check printers online providing beautiful designs at discounted prices.

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