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Month: January 2011

3 Tips For Improving Your Credit Score


Photo: Casey Serin Not too long ago, a reader on my blog asked me “Is 700 a good credit score?” I explained to her that it is a decent score, but in today’s economy I would no longer consider it good. Creditors are now pickier than ever when it comes to granting credit and although […] Read more…

Free 2011 Hello Kitty Calendar


Get the Free 2012 Hello Kitty Calendar! It’s here again – a FREE Hello Kitty calendar for 2011! I’ve been searching for this since last December. It’s finally out today! The Free 2011 Hello Kitty Calendar was such a popular post last year, I decided to share this again.   If you’re a big Hello […] Read more…

Get Free Stuff from Freecycle


  Being unemployed and pregnant, I have to really watch what I spend at the moment. Having a baby is expensive, not only with medical bills but with all the stuff that a baby needs. Things that we needed were a crib, baby clothes, changing table, etc. Everything adds up. So I was on a […] Read more…

Totally Free Checking Accounts


Free checking accounts are almost extinct with major banks getting rid of free checking or making you jump through hoops to earn it.  There aren’t many financial institutions left, with brick-and-mortar branches, that offer free checking, with no strings attached. So where can you stash your money for free with no minimum balance or hassle […] Read more…