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Who’s Responsible for Credit Card Debt After Death?

credit card debt after debt

The emotional grief that comes with the passing of a family member or spouse is hard enough without the added responsibilities that are often a part of bringing a relationship and an estate to a close. Dealing with the legalities of probate court, a last will and testament, the disposal of unclaimed property and debt…

10 Frugal Tips for Flying

frugal tips for flying

I just got back from our first family trip with my baby and learned a lot about how to save money while flying. If you’re unprepared, you can end up paying an arm and a leg for certain things. But with a little foresight and preparation, you can come out ahead. 1. Subscribe to airline…

The 5 Best Ways to Save on Your Smartphone

best ways to save on your smartphone

Every month, cell phone subscribers have to face a bill and it never seems to get smaller. With the eventual conglomeration of all of the major mobile providers, the situation might tend to get worse before it gets better. Competition usually drives prices down, but one or two companies dictating how you will communicate is…