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March 2012 archive

Best Free Stuff This Week

free stuff

This week, I’ve been scouring the web for free stuff. I checked other sites so you don’t have to. What’s better than free stuff? Here are some of the best free things this week. Don’t wait too long because some of these offers expire soon. Have a great weekend! Enjoy! Free Every Day with Rachael […] Read more…

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My 5 Favorite Netflix Streaming Shows

white collar

As some of you may know, I have been living without TV since September of last year. As a former TV junkie, I was surprised at how easy the transition was. Being a mom and running this blog keeps me very busy. Not being sucked into watching a show on TV helps with productivity and […] Read more…

Where to Find Cheaper Office Supplies

When I moved, I lost my printer ink refills so I had to buy more. I’ve actually haven’t had to buy ink for a long time because my husband’s friend worked for the printer company and gave me a bag of ink cartridges, which lasted me 5 years! I knew printer ink cartridges were expensive […] Read more…

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How to Get Started With Extreme Couponing

how to get started extreme couponing

If you love saving money, extreme couponing can be a great hobby and a way to put your brain to use creating the best deals possible. Between the success of the TLC show on couponing and the hundreds of blogs about couponing, there are plenty of places to learn more about it. Anyone can coupon. […] Read more…

Energy Saving Tips for Modern Living

how to save energy

Anyone who keeps even a modest budget knows the one big killer. No, it’s not the biggest expenses. It’s the unpredictable ones. Those can come in two forms. The first, and most detrimental, is the unforeseen expense. The other is the fluctuating expense — you know, the ones that recur every month, but change in […] Read more…

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