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The 5 Best Ways to Save on Your Smartphone

Every month, cell phone subscribers have to face a bill and it never seems to get smaller. With the eventual conglomeration of all of the major mobile providers, the situation might tend to get worse before it gets better. Competition usually drives prices down, but one or two companies dictating how you will communicate is a frightening idea.

There are a couple of matters you can take into your own hands when you are faced with your bill at the end of the month. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your monthly cell phone bill and take back control from the phone company:

1. Switch to Prepaid

Smartphones can become money draining machines. There are many opportunities to download paid apps, media, and subscription services that just creep up on your bill. By purchasing Prepaid Cell Phones, you can get the amount of usage you want and not have to worry about racking up your bill because the limits imposed on you.

2. Stop Downloading Music

best ways to save on your smartphone

Most phone carriers are switching over from an unlimited data plan to a pay for what you use program. If you don’t use your phone’s Internet often, you can possibly move to a cheaper option more suited for you. If you do use your Internet for things like downloading music or streaming video, make sure to get a more suitable data plan because you will be charged extra for going over.

3. Use Apps to Your Advantage

Apps aren’t just a tool for distracting you while you’re trying to work. For every Angry Birds there is another app like Mint that helps you manage your bills into one organized place. For every Bejeweled there is something like Gas Buddy that helps you find the best prices on gas throughout the city. Instead of browsing the games section, try to go through the other sections of the App Store.

4. Tether Your Internet

If you are using an Android smartphone, you can easily manipulate your device to allow free access to the 3G or 4G network from anywhere in your house. All you have to do is download software that allows you to tether to your phone’s operating system and then connect to the network using your laptop.  This works great if you’re at a location that forces you to pay for Wi-Fi or somewhere else it isn’t available yet.

5. Contest Everything

If you are having trouble with your phone or just have discrepancies with the billing, calling a customer help hotline may seem like the best thing to do. Beware, these help services are always loaded with people having problems with their devices. As you can imagine, the poor call center worker on the other side of the phone has to deal with angry people like yourself all day. If you are polite and have a well reasoned argument, you can get money taken off your bill, free accessories, or even brand new phones.

Don’t let your cell phone dictate how much you’re spending on communication each month. Keep a closer track on your expenses and watch your bill go way down.

This guest post was written by Jim Wang.

Photo Credit: digitpedia

1 Comment on The 5 Best Ways to Save on Your Smartphone

  1. Jesus Ramirez
    October 6, 2011 at 8:53 am (4 years ago)

    contesting everything is a great tip.

    I have a friend who literally CONTESTS EVERYTHING and I must say it works. Not only on cell phone bills but credit cards, cable tv, and pretty much every other service.

    Good advice!