Have you seen these coupons on Amazon?

They’re offering high value coupons on items in grocery and gourmet, health and personal care, beauty, books, and more.

The caveat is that you have to buy some of these items in bulk in order to use these coupons.

And they may be restricted to only one time use.

But if your family has some favorites that you buy on a regular basis, you might want to compare to see if you’ll save more by buying from Amazon.

The free shipping is convenient especially if you’re busy.

Here are some of the Amazon coupons available.

stacys pita chips couponolay coupon

izze coupon

2 comments on “Amazon Coupons”

    • Cherie,

      For certain items, it’s worth it and cheaper, like high end vitamins. You’ll have to do a price comparison on things you want to buy. Not everything is cheaper though. But you can’t beat the convenience of getting things delivered to your door in 2 days with Amazon Prime.


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