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Free Budget Worksheet (No Longer Available)

free budget worksheet

Was it your New Year’s Resolution to start a budget? It’s not too late to start. You’re not a failure. Oh heck no! I was overwhelmed at first that I didn’t know where to start. It’s like when I drive to a new place, I get a little nervous. This happened a lot when I was a […] Read more…

10 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

cute valentines day cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… this Saturday! If you don’t have time to buy Valentine’s Day cards, what’s the next best thing? Free printable Valentine’s Day cards! I did some searching and found some stylish yet totally free Valentine’s Day cards that you can print at home. I still can’t believe these 10 […] Read more…

Fun Valentine’s Day Celebration and Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is next week already! I love the cute card exchanges at school, beautiful red roses, chocolates (oh chocolate!), and heart-shaped balloons on Valentine’s. I also love to cook at home and have a low key night. Who will you be spending it with? Whether it’s with your significant other, your children, or your […] Read more…

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Start Your Own Grocery Price Book

grocery price book

If you’ve been studying grocery sales, you will start to notice that not all sales are really a good deal. And sometimes buying an item in a bulk pack is not necessarily cheaper. It gets confusing at first since every store has a different sale and you don’t know which one has the best deal. […] Read more…

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