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Netflix vs. Amazon Instant Video – Which is Better?


There’s an ongoing debate online about whether Netflix or Amazon Instant Video is better. Since many are budget minded these days and have cut cable expenses or have limited going out to the theaters, it’s a good question. Technology has progressed so much that you can watch video without renting DVDs anymore. Instant video streaming […] Read more…

The Pros and Cons of Living Near San Francisco

san francisco

One of the reasons we moved back home was to be closer to not just our families and friends but to everything else. At the last place we lived in, a more rural area, we had to drive at least 10-15 minutes to Costco, Trader Joe’s, natural food store, and an Asian grocery store. But […] Read more…

7 Easy Meals with a Rotisserie Chicken

easy meals with rotisserie chicken

Need to make dinner quick but are starved for ideas? Don’t be tempted to do take out when you have these meal ideas to go to. With a store bought rotisserie chicken, the possibilities are endless. Costco seems to have the best price for rotisserie chicken at $4.99. Or use left over rotisserie chicken from […] Read more…

My 5 Favorite Gluten-Free Products from Vitacost

vitacost shipment

This is my 3rd order from Vitacost and I must say that they’re growing on me. I never used Vitacost before but when I saw that they were offering a free $10 credit to try them, I jumped right in. What I really like is their prices and selection of gluten-free items. Since developing multiple […] Read more…

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