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Couponing Tips

35 Extreme Couponing Tips


I hardly used coupons before TLC’S Extreme Couponing show. But after I saw what was possible, it motivated me to try some of their techniques. My goal isn’t to get $1,000 worth of products for $40. Let’s be realistic here. Most of what we saw on TV was that person’s biggest haul. That means that […] Read more…

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy

dollar tree coupon policy

For those of you who haven’t heard, Dollar Tree is now accepting manufacturer coupons! So with coupons, you’ll end up paying less than a dollar or possibly free for some items. Their popular brands include – Softsoap, Palmolive, Ajax, Colgate, Crest, Scotties, Hefty, Brawny, and more. Selection of brands vary according to store. Here is […] Read more…

Amazon Coupons

amazon coupons

Have you seen these coupons on Amazon? They’re offering high value coupons on items in grocery and gourmet, health and personal care, beauty, books, and more. The caveat is that you have to buy some of these items in bulk in order to use these coupons. And they may be restricted to only one time […] Read more…

Make Your Own Coupon Organizer Tutorial

coupon organizer tutorial

A lot of you have asked about the super cute coupon organizer pictured in the 25 Extreme Couponing Tips article. I wish I could take credit for it, but it was handmade by someone on Flickr. I asked her how she did it and she gave me the link for the tutorial to share with […] Read more…

How to Coupon in 10 Minutes or Less

how to coupon in 10 minutes or less

Couponing can save you a lot of money but it does require time. You have to gather your coupons, clip and sort them, pour over store circulars, then figure out which coupons can combine with a store sale. Then you have to make a trip to each store.¬† It can be a lot of work, […] Read more…

Extreme Couponing Preview


TLC’s popular show,¬†Extreme Couponing is back tonight. More people will be showing us how to save money and get things for free. Whether you love or hate the show, Extreme Couponing has spurred on a couponing craze and a debate. Check out the comments on my past post about Extreme Couponing Fraud. People are very […] Read more…