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Credit Cards

Getting Your First Credit Card


  I remember getting my first credit card in college, a card I still have today. They had a booth right in front of the student union and gave away free T-shirts. Ironically, I never got a free T-shirt. I felt a new sense of responsibility, like I was entering adulthood. I had the power […] Read more…

Credit Cards for Bad Credit


  Do you have bad credit? Let’s face it, building your credit history is difficult after you’ve messed up in the past. And by messing up, I mean, filing for bankruptcy, losing your home to foreclosure, or getting behind in credit card payments. After you’ve cleaned up your debt, you may not even want to […] Read more…

5 Best Credit Card Rewards for 2011


  If you’ve worked your way to earning an excellent credit score, congratulations! Now that you’ve reached this goal, how about rewarding yourself with a credit card with the best rewards? If you pay in full every month, why not earn the best in cash back or rewards and get a 0% APR? Credit card […] Read more…