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Amazon Will Start Collecting California Sales Tax

amazon start collecting california sales tax

Just a heads up for those of you who also live in California. will start collecting California sales tax (7.25% – 9.25%) on Saturday, whether you like it or not. A few months ago, Amazon had a battle with California over it… and cut off all ties with its California affiliates. I guess they have come […] Read more…

15 Tips for Saving on Electronics


When you are thinking of shopping for a new electronic device or gadget, there are a few ways to go about doing so in order to ensure you are making the most informed decision to help with saving you time and ultimately, money. Shopping for electronics is possible from home and locally, all depending on […] Read more…

The New Way of Paying for Purchases… with Your Phone!

mobile wallet

There’s a new trend in the credit card processing industry towards mobile payments. What this means is that you’ll be able to pay for purchases with your phone instead of a physical credit card. Why does this matter? Have you ever lost your wallet? It’s a disconcerting feeling. You can’t buy anything without it. What […] Read more…

3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Savings

easy ways to grow savings

In these uncertain economic times, everyone is trying to build up their savings and cut costs. Every person’s financial situation is different, but everyone has room to save. No matter what you’re earning, there’s always room to squirrel away some savings, even if it’s a dollar a day. A few extra dollars saved here and […] Read more…

Teaching Your Kids How to Manage Their Money

teaching your kids how to manage money

Many adults today struggle with personal finances, carrying high balances on loans and credit cards while having only a modest or minimal amount of money in savings. It is common for those in the lowest income brackets up to even the upper-middle class income brackets to struggle financially and to live paycheck to paycheck. As […] Read more…

Is a Roth IRA Right For You?

roth ira

More and more people these days have been switching from traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. They are doing this for the higher contribution limits, the conversion incentives, the inheritance benefits, and the lack of age-based distributions. But there’s one key factor that prompts many people’s move to Roth: the ability to withdraw contributions without getting taxed, a tremendous feature that […] Read more…

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