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Meal Planning

Meal Planning 101

Meal Planning 101

The #1 question I’m asked is “how do I meal plan?” First of all, food costs a lot and we all have to eat. It may be one of your largest bills after rent and mortgage! And whether or not you coupon, meal planning will save you money as you’ll focus your grocery shopping around […] Read more…

Start Your Own Grocery Price Book

grocery price book

If you’ve been studying grocery sales, you will start to notice that not all sales are really a good deal. And sometimes buying an item in a bulk pack is not necessarily cheaper. It gets confusing at first since every store has a different sale and you don’t know which one has the best deal. […] Read more…

The #1 Tip That Will Save You Money on Groceries without Couponing

#1 Tip That Will Save You Money on Groceries

The top question I get asked is “How do I save on groceries? Do I have to learn how to coupon or stockpile?┬áBut I don’t eat a lot of processed foods.” Well, I don’t either! I don’t think couponing is the answer for everyone. If you’re on a special diet and have food and chemical […] Read more…

7 Easy Menu Planning Ideas

menu planning

Everyone is looking to cut their food budget these days. One real way to slash your grocery budget is to create a weekly menu plan. And while you’ve probably heard this before, have you actually done it? We have to eat every day. So whether you like it or not, you’re probably menu planning already, […] Read more…

What a Week’s Worth of Groceries Look Like From Around the World

week worth of groceries

Have you seen this? Photographer, Peter Menzel, did a series of photos of one week’s worth of groceries from different countries around the world. It’s so fascinating to see what families eat in various countries, what their homes/kitchens look like, and how many people are in their family. In some countries, it’s surprising to see […] Read more…

5 Money Saving Rules to Follow When Buying Groceries

money saving rules to follow when buying groceries

No matter what happens with the economy or your job, you still need to eat.┬áDuring hard times this can be an overwhelming and sometimes burdensome fact. You might find yourself wishing you didn’t have to eat, just so that you could save the money you spend on groceries and going out and put it toward […] Read more…

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