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My Worst Couponing Fail

worst couponing fail

While I don’t subscribe to Sunday newspapers anymore, I still use printable coupons. Since Sprouts opened this year near me, I’ve been going there for grocery deals. I haven’t used a lot of coupons lately but decided to on my last visit. Also, I had my daughter with me which makes shopping a challenge. And […] Read more…

Why Couponing Won’t Solve Your Money Problems

Why Couponing Won't Solve Your Money Problems

In the past few years, couponing has become very popular due to shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing. I’ll admit that I had dreams of saving hundreds of dollars off my grocery bill by simply following their methods. So I subscribed to the Sunday paper and every week I checked couponing blogs and tried to match […] Read more…

Important Steps to Home Ownership


This post is written and sponsored by U.S. Bank. So, you’re ready to make the big leap into home ownership? Good for you. Home ownership can be a great experience and holds a number of tangible and intangible benefits. But first, you need to actually buy that property, which, especially if this is your first […] Read more…

25 Things Worth Buying at Dollar Tree

dollar tree favorites

Dollar Tree is a fun place to shop. You can get a lot for not much money. If you go at the right time, you can score awesome deals. For instance, late January and early February is a good time to get those kid’s Valentine’s Day cards. Go a few days before Valentine’s Day and they’ll be sold out. And August […] Read more…

Netflix vs. Amazon Instant Video – Which is Better?


There’s an ongoing debate online about whether Netflix or Amazon Instant Video is better. Since many are budget minded these days and have cut cable expenses or have limited going out to the theaters, it’s a good question. Technology has progressed so much that you can watch video without renting DVDs anymore. Instant video streaming […] Read more…

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