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10 Easy Steps to a Solid Debt Payoff Plan

debt payoff plan

When you have a lot of debt hanging over you, doesn’t it feel overwhelming? How are you going to pay it off? Will you pay it off… like before you reach retirement age? Where do you start? When I had $8,000 in student loans, I felt like this. You may have more or less than […] Read more…

What I Learned from Being on CreativeLive

with april

Last week, I did something kinda crazy and outside my comfort zone. I willingly subjected myself to being filmed live and while wearing a mic pack for a CreativeLive class, that’s broadcasted live and watched around the world. Now, although I have a broadcasting degree and have been around TV studios and live broadcasts (I […] Read more…

The #1 Secret to Accomplishing Financial Goals

envision the parade

When it comes to paying off debt, building up an emergency fund, or saving up for something, sometimes it’s hard to stay on track. When the goal amount is large and will take more than a few months to reach, you can get sidetracked. I came across this story that was inspiring. Envision the Parade […] Read more…

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