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Money Saving Tips

How to Shop at CVS

how to shop at cvs

It is the beginning of a new year and time to turn a new leaf. Are you on a tight budget and looking for ways to stretch your budget? CVS has the best deals around. You’ll find unbelievable deals for nonfood items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, paper goods, makeup, and more. With a combination of the […] Read more…

The Lazy Guide to Budgeting – 7 Ways to Make It Easier to Stick With

budget worksheet

Many people start budgets but they don’t seem to stick with them. Why is that? Because they’re lazy? I think it’s because they don’t have clearly defined goals. Are you trying to pay off debt, save up for a house, or build a college fund for the kids? What is the exact amount of your […] Read more…

Ready to Start a Budget That Works?


Budgeting is hard. You feel like a mess. You feel overwhelmed. When bills come in the mail, doesn’t it seem like you just paid them already? Wait, it’s already been a month? How did that happen? You’re paying late fees because you missed the due date by a few days. While your children are fast asleep, […] Read more…

How to Turn an Old Cell Phone into a Working Phone

turn old cell phone into working phone

Do you have old, deactivated cell phones lying around? What can you do with them besides sell them? How about turning them into a working phone and texting options, for no cost? This could be your new “landline” phone. My husband has been doing this for years. He found an app called Talkatone, that will turn […] Read more…