This week I’ve been a little MIA because I was at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

I have been attending the show since 2006, so it was my 8th year!

I go to find out the latest natural food products for my food blog, YummySF.

This year, I focused on discovering new gluten-free products.

Luckily for me, there is a new trend towards gluten-free products. In fact, I’m working on a new ebook about saving money on gluten-free eating.

I always enjoy going to the Fancy Food Show because I get to meet the people behind the products, the founders. I brought along my hubby to film interviews with them.

Here is the first video about Cup4Cup, a professional grade all purpose gluten-free flour developed by Chef Lena Kwak at the famed Yountville, CA restaurant, French Laundry. She strived to not just develop a gluten-free flour, but the best baking flour ever. A celebrity in his own right, Chef Thomas Keller encouraged and supported her as a mentor. In fact, he was standing next to me at the booth!

The story is, one day, a diner at the French Laundry cried after she tried Lena’s gluten-free brioche, after not having eaten bread in over a decade. That inspired Chef Lena to create the best professional grade, gluten-free flour for everyone.

I got to sample dessert made with the flour and it taste just like wheat flour but with a smooth texture. I think it’s challenging to find the right texture when it comes to gluten-free products. And Chef Lena Kwak has done a wonderful job!

The meaning behind the name Cup4Cup is that you can replace a cup of wheat flour with this gluten-free flour, with a cup for a cup.