Farmigo is launching a community-oriented food system that provides fresh, local, affordable and sustainable food.

They’re starting in New York and San Francisco and their surrounding areas.

So it’s like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where you get fresh produce from local farms.

It’s community-oriented so you can start your own group and have people at work join in on ordering fresh produce, meat, dairy, and coffee and get your stuff delivered to work.

You can also start one at your apartment building, MOMs Club, or other community group.

Here’s more info from their blog:

So what does it mean to be a “Farmigo food community?

Every Farmigo community starts with a champion who is passionate about turning his or her workplace, school or community center into a delivery site for local farms to deliver food that’s been harvested within 48 hours and traveled less than 100 miles. Champions get the communities started and connect farmers to members on delivery day.


Once a community is set up, members of each food community shop their dedicated Farmigo farmer’s market online, pick and choose from a selection of seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs, meats, cheeses and even wine and coffee in some locations. Then, their orders are delivered weekly to their food community site.

Farmigo is not only a great benefit for employees, it also provides a new revenue stream for farmers. When they sell to grocery stores, they make nine cents to 20 cents on every dollar. When they sell to Farmigo communities, they make $.80 on every dollar. It’s clear that the food system is ripe for change, and we’re thrilled to say with our first communities, we’ve started the ball rolling.

But this is only the beginning of the beginning. The exciting part is, now the ball is in your court. Anyone can be  a community champion and become an agent of disruption. To learn more, visit our community champion page. Join us now in creating the infrastructure for a better food system!

Anyone can start a Farmigo food community, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York area.

Read more about Farmigo here on their blog and in their press release.

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  1. Does anyone else juice vegetables like it’s their job? I wish they had this near where I live. I’m paying WAY too much at my local Safeway for mediocre pesticide ridden produce. Yuck.

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