Festival of Frugality: 21 Ways to Save for a Rainy Day


saving for rainy day

I am super excited to be hosting this week’s edition of Festival of Frugality. If you’re new to the Festival of Frugality, the purpose is to spotlight the excellent ideas that are floating around out there to help squeeze a few extra pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters out of every dollar.

The definition of frugality: economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.

We should all have a money saved for a rainy day (or days) because rainy days happen when you least expect it. Surprise expenses seem to creep up throughout the year.

Editor’s Picks

1. Tim Chen presents Considering a Medical Credit Card? Proceed with Caution posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch.

2. Kristia presents Emergency Funds: Emergencies Happen When You Least Expect It posted at Family Balance Sheet.

Ways to Save for a Rainy Day

3. Miss T presents 15 Ways to Make a Positive Environmental Impact | Prairie EcoThrifter.com posted at Prairie Eco-Thrifter.

4. Neal Frankle presents Borrowing Money Inexpensively posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources.

5. MR presents Keep Your Cool To Save Money posted at Money Reasons.

6.. FIRE Finance presents How to Turn $5000 into $22 million? Lessons From One Successful Individual Investor posted at FIRE Finance.

7. Jeri Ford presents Priceline and Hotwire Hotel Bidding Tips | Book Early or Book Late? posted at Help Me Travel Cheap.

8. Jason presents Money Problems – Day 3: What’s Coming In? posted at Live Real, Now.

9. Jon Elder presents How I Graduated College Debt Free and Survived | Free Money Wisdom posted at Free Money Wisdom.

10. Sandy presents Where Does Your Cash Go? posted at Yes, I Am Cheap.

11. vh presents Thinking about Sustainability posted at Funny about Money.

12. Outlaw presents Can Using a Credit Card Be Considered Frugal? posted at Outlaw Finance.

13. Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Saving Money on a Vacuum Cleaner posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

14. Beth presents Dryer Lint – Who thought a little fuzz could wreak so much havoc? posted at Smart Frugality.

15. Flexo presents Bank Branches Abandon Poor Communities posted at Consumerism Commentary.

16. Ken presents Why You Should File A Tax Return Even If You’re Not Required To posted at Spruce Up Your Finance.

17. MoneyNing presents Is There Such a Thing as Good Debt? posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.

18. Lynn presents How to Save Money on Life Insurance posted at Wallet Blog.

19. Chris presents $1,000 challenge Day 24 update: pain at the pump and more! posted at Dealerity.

20. Kevin presents Where to Find Tax Help…Even For Free! posted at Moolanomy Personal Finance.

21. Craig/FFB presents Where is My IRS Form 1040 Tax Package (or Where Can I File Free)? posted at Free From Broke.

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    Thanks for hosting and including my post! Great theme – it’s so true that practicing frugality makes those future rainy days easier to weather. ;)

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