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Festival of Frugality #308 – 19 Days Until Christmas Edition

It’s only 19 days until Christmas! Where has this year gone?

If you’re still looking for ways to save for the holidays, we have some great articles below in this week’s edition of the Festival of Frugality. Don’t wait until the last minute.

I just saw a news video that said that prices will go up as Christmas gets closer and people get more desperate to buy a gift, any gift. So don’t get ripped off!

On a side note, since I have moved to the suburbs, I have been living without TV for almost 3 months. Yes, no cable or TV at all!

My husband and I have gone back and forth about whether or not to give in and get it, because we miss live sports. We can live with Netflix and the Internet for our favorite shows. So that’s where this week’s Editor’s Pick from Lazy Man and Money comes in.

Enjoy, have fun, and don’t stress out too much about the holidays! After all, it will be over in 19 days!

Editor’s Picks

Lazy Man presents I Finally Ditched My Cable Box and Cable Modem Rental Fees. posted at Lazy Man and Money. For some time I’ve been writing about ending my cable box rental fees, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger. This week I finally did it.

Roshawn Watson presents Broke People Afford Everything posted at Watson Inc. Your lifestyle is pretty impressive, except for the fact that you’re a financial fake. I just want to know one thing: how do broke people afford EVERYTHING?

Lindy presents Gifts in a Jar posted at Minting Nickels. My favorite kinds of gifts to give are ones in a jar. In this post I share what I gave last year, and provide resources for gifts to give this year.

festival of frugality

Holiday Saving Tips

D.J. presents Tips for Successful Budgeting at Christmas posted at The Family Wallet. Before Christmas gets here, sit down and create a plan. Figure out how much you have to spend and how you’re going to spend it. You’ll be prepared and ready for a stress free holiday season.

Kay Lynn presents Money Saving Tips for the Holidays posted at Bucksome Boomer. Here is my list of money saving tips for the holidays. With a little planning you can save money, reduce stress and have a fun filled holiday.

Beating Broke presents We Conquered Black Friday posted at Beating Broke. We stuck to our list, only buying one extra item on Black Friday. We not only kept to our budget, but we beat it! When we were done with our busy morning of shopping, we had everything on our list, and we’d spent less than $150!

Matt presents Black Friday & Debt Free Living plus Congressional Budgeting posted at Living in Financial Excellence. Remarks: Remember, just because it’s on “sale” doesn’t mean it’s a good deal or it’s the best price. Even if it’s a good price, it’s only a good deal if you needed it, you were planning to buy it anyway, and you have the cash to pay for it. No deal is so good that it’s worth going deeper in debt to buy it.

John presents Your Holiday Guide to Gift Cards posted at Wallet Blog. On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…eight things to know about gift cards this holiday season. Sure, you might have been expecting some milk maids or something, but with gift cards firmly entrenched as the most popular type of holiday present and the U.S. agriculture industry not what it once was, you might find this more useful.

Erika presents Buying gifts for your spouse posted at Newlyweds on a Budget. How do you buys gifts for your significant other can keep it a secret when your finances are combined?

Suba presents Scrooge vs Santa : Gift giving is a huge waste of money! posted at Wealth Informatics. If there is a division of the Government that wasted $82 billion an year, how would you feel? Every year that is how much we waste with the current state of gift giving. What went wrong and how to fix this?

Eating on a Budget

SavingMentor presents How to Save Money by Using Coupons posted at I think coupons are a great way to cut your monthly budget on groceries and household goods, though one must be cognizant of spending more money when you’re trying to save money (I have a tendency to fall into trouble with this, as I go for the purpose of saving money and end up buying a few things that weren’t on my ‘list’).

FruGal presents Lunch on a budget posted at TotallyMoney. How to save money on your work lunches.

Crystal presents My Diet Can Beat Up Your Diet posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. Crystal asked me to create this guest post based off a comment on another blog about how I only eat for pure nutritional purposes. The reason why I eat for nutritional purposes only and not based off of cravings is simple…it’s faster, cheaper and healthier!

Kennedi presents Why Do I Overeat? posted at Face and Fitness. Feeling inferior causes people to spend more money and eat bigger portions. You can save money and lose weight by feeling more confident.


Evan presents Unusual Ways to Save Money posted at My Journey to Millions. You know all about the common money saving tactics such as using comparison sites to get better car insurance quotes and adopting energy-saving measures in your home, but what about these things..?

Money Beagle presents Restaurant.Com (Or Participating Resturants) Reduces Portion Sizes On Some Deals posted at Money Beagle. When deals are too good to be true, they usually don’t stay that way for too long!

Peter presents How to Save Hundreds on Your Cell Phone Bill by Using a No Contract or Pre-Paid Phone Service posted at Bible Money Matters. There are a variety of pre-paid phone services out there that you can use. The frugality and savings you’ll see will vary from provider to provider. Here’s a list of ones that I’ve found that have some decent plans.

Jon the Saver presents 5 Ways People Waste Money on Their Cars posted at Free Money Wisdom. Below are five common ways people waste money on their cars.

Super Saver presents Four Things Not to Buy and Save Money posted at My Wealth Builder. Consider cutting back on things that are nice to have but aren’t necessities.

Justin presents You Don’t Need Money to Do What You Want posted at Money Is the Root. I grew up in the 1950′s with gypsy parents – well, they really weren’t gypsy’s – but they claimed to be because they liked to go, go, go. We went. Every year. Two weeks. All over the States.

Boomer presents Packaged Bank Account Options posted at Boomer & Echo. In order to woo new customers, financial institutions are becoming creative in the way they package their bank accounts. All of them promise to simplify your banking as well as save you money.

Investor Junkie presents Tax Benefits of Donating to Charity posted at Investor Junkie. During the holidays, many people’s thoughts turn toward giving to others. While you might want to give, just for the joy of charity, there is no reason to discount the advantage that can come with donating as well. Consider that when you donate to charity, you do a good deed, and you can reduce your tax liability.

Marie presents Money Saving Tips for New Moms posted at Money Spending Mommy. Even for the most eager mom-to-be, the thought of all these new baby expenses can be rather intimidating. But never fear. There are plenty of tricks that can save new moms money. Here are a few.

Annette presents Buy a Winter Jacket without Breaking the Bank posted at CreditDonkey. As another La Nina winter approaches, read our infographic to stay warm and on budget.

Andi presents 7 Things I Stopped Spending Money On posted at Modern Tightwad. There were a lot of luxury items that went away, that I don’t think about. I wonder how many people spend money on these seven things without thinking.

Miss T. presents How to Be a Frugal Shopper posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter. Are your shopping habits saving you money? If not, it’s time to learn some tricks on how to become a more frugal shopper!

Lisa presents 6 Ways to Save Money at Home: Thrifty Eco-Friendly Tips posted at Thriftability. Becoming a more sustainable household holds many benefits, from reducing waste in landfills, to keeping more cash in your wallet.

Frugal Living presents The Frugal Home Buyer’s Guide posted at Frugal Living. You know that buying a home is a big decision. Pondering this important step, how do you know if it is the right one? Unfortunately there is no easy way to know. However, by taking a look at your financial situation, you can save money to reach this goal of a new home. Here is some advice on how to shoot for this goal, as well as knowing if it is the right time.

FMF presents 11 Secrets of Frugal Bloggers posted at Free Money Finance. A wide range of “way out there” money saving ideas!

Philip presents Using Angie’s List for Auto Service posted at PT Money Personal Finance. Car salesmen and mechanics are two of the least trusted professions. I just have a hard time placing my full trust in them. It’s also possible that I have an unreasonable understanding of what it should cost to maintain a car past 100,000 miles.

Paula @ Afford Anything presents Surprising Research Reveals How to Be Happier posted at Afford Anything. Money is indirectly tied to happiness through the lens of your ‘freedom to choose,’ according to a team of researchers.

Making Money

Ashley presents Why My Friend Is Charging Less Rent than She Deserves posted at Money Talks Coaching. You should maximize your income while living frugally. Don’t let being frugal get in the way of making money!

Miranda @ Financial Highway presents 4 Creative Business Ideas posted at Financial Highway. Do you want to start your own business and make a little extra money? It can seem daunting at first, since there are so many others out there trying to get something started. Here are 4 creative business ideas that can help you get started.

Sunil presents How to Get Cash Back from Major Retailers posted at The Extra Money Blog. If you shop online quite a bit like I do, the savings from shopping through discount aggregators can add up really fast.

Dan presents Why You Shouldn’t Do What You Love for a Career posted at Sweating the Big Stuff. Making money is great, but doing what you love for a living can be dangerous. Here’s why!

Money Management

SB presents 5 Steps to Fix Financial Failures posted at One Cent at a Time. If you are in a financial mess, there are ways to come out of that. Here is the list of 5 steps to take to overcome financial failure. Admit fault, seek help, Manage debt, adjust spending and increase earning.

Beck presents Do Your Children Understand the Value of Money? posted at Money Mum. Your child might be in nappies now, but even at an early age, you can teach positive financial behaviour.

Aloysa presents Battling Shopping Addiction: Self-Assessment posted at My Broken Coin. Discover how I am going to fight the battle against shopping addiction. I’ve struggled with this problems and here is my personal story.

MR presents Having Stock Dividends Pay Money For Allowance posted at Money Reasons. Why not establish a passive income stream via dividend stocks now? This will take the mystery about of such a concept and make it more real.

Marissa presents Free personal finance software review posted at Thirtysixmonths. A review of two of the best free personal finance softwares out there, Mint and Wave accounting, that can be used both for business and personal.

YFS presents LESSONS FROM FRUGAL BILLIONAIRES posted at YourFinancesSimplified. YFS provides insight on lessons you can learn from famous frugal billionaires.

Travel on a Budget

Adam Williams presents How I spent only $77 on a trip to New York City posted at Rabbit Funds. When I got the good news that I had an interview with Oxford’s MBA program in New York City, I immediately went into how-do-I-spend-as-little-as-possible mode. Here’s a break down of how I was able to only spend $77.31 flying across the country.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Vacation Budgeting, Saving, and Execution + An Example of This Process in Action From My Recent Trip to New York City posted at My Personal Finance Journey. This post gives insight on budgeting and saving for vacations, as well as a successfully executed example of these suggestions in action.


Paul Vachon presents Finance for Dummies – Credit Reports posted at The Frugal Toad. Your credit report is used by a lot of businesses: utility companies, mortgage lenders, prospective employers, banks, and others. It is vital that you understand what information that is contained on your credit report and the companies that gather that information, credit bureaus.

Glen Craig presents How Can I Get My Credit Score For Free posted at Free From Broke . Your credit score is a critical number to your finances! Being able to get your credit score for free helps you monitor as well as correct your credit score.

Pat S presents Psychology Test for Credit Card Rewards posted at compounding returns. Are you psychologically capable of using credit cards for the rewards? Some aren’t…

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