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As a soon-to-be parent, I really like the idea of working at home. You save time and money when you don’t have to commute, buy work clothes, or buy lunch.

You can also do laundry during your breaks, get dinner started right after work, and be there more for your kids. There seems to be fewer distractions at home so you can focus on your work, depending on your situation. You’ll also have more energy after work since you won’t have to drive anywhere.

I used to work at home when I had a video business and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would roll out of bed and get started with work, in my sweats!

There’s a lot more freedom but it can get lonely. Work at home jobs aren’t for everyone, but it may be for you if you are the self-motivated type.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the salary and benefits of a full time job, yet still be able to work at home? There are so many scams for work at home/telecommuting jobs. How do you know which ones are legitimate?

I came across this site FlexJobs.com today while reading an article. Basically, it’s a job search site for telecommuting, full or part time, and flex time jobs. But what makes them different than other job search sites is that they screen the job listings to make sure these work at home jobs are legitimate, quality jobs.

How do I know they are legitimate? FlexJobs.com is BBB accredited and have been reviewed by major press and media sites, such as CNN Money, NBC, and USA Today. They had to build their reputation over 3 years to garner such reviews.

The company itself consists of employees who all work at home, so they practice what they preach.

FlexJobs.com was started by Sara Sutton, who just like me, was pregnant with her first child when she began to search online for flexible work arrangements. She found a lot of scam sites and jobs that didn’t fit her career goals. That led Sutton to start FlexJobs.com in 2007, to make it easier for people to find legitimate work at home jobs.

The caveat of the job search site is that you have to pay a fee of $14.95/mo or $49.95/yr. to see the full listings. They charge a fee since they rely on humans to check the validity of the job postings. FlexJobs.com does offer a money back guarantee, however, if you are not satisfied.

If you don’t want pay the fee, try searching the Internet for legitimate work at home jobs yourself. You’ll likely come up with a lot of scammy, questionable sites or wimpy jobs that don’t pay much.

If you scan the listings, you’ll see that they have a wide variety of fields – IT, customer service, marketing, engineering, fashion/beauty, etc. These aren’t the lame jobs that like stuffing envelopes or doing online surveys. They seem to be customary jobs that you would normally find on other major job sites like Craigslist.org or Monster.com, except that these jobs allow for the flexibility of telecommuting.

I haven’t gone to the paid portion of the site so I can’t give a full review. I just wanted to share this with those who may be interested. However, it’s definitely a site I’ll check out when my baby is a few months old.

Have you tried FlexJobs.com? What do you think?

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