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How to Get Started With Extreme Couponing

If you love saving money, extreme couponing can be a great hobby and a way to put your brain to use creating the best deals possible.

Between the success of the TLC show on couponing and the hundreds of blogs about couponing, there are plenty of places to learn more about it.

Anyone can coupon. You just need to put some time into it.

But with the overflow of information, these simple instructions help you to actually get started, and then you can refine your strategies as you go.

1. Subscribe to your metropolitan area’s Sunday paper.

Although you can get many types of printable coupons, the Sunday paper still carries some of the best coupons around. You want the biggest paper you can find because they have the most coupons in them.

2. Create a coupon binder to store all of your coupons.

All you need is a three-ring binder with plastic sleeves. Every week, write the date on each insert that comes in the paper and put the whole insert into a plastic sleeve. Don’t bother with clipping coupons because you’ll use resources that tell you where to find the coupons when you need them.

how to get started extreme couponing

3. Search for a blog that posts coupon matchups for the grocery stores in your area.

For example, Southern Savers is a great matchup site for grocery stores in the south, and it also posts coupon matchups for national drugstores. Coupon matchups look at each week’s ad and list the coupons available for the discounted products so you can get the best deals. Using a coupon on an item that’s on sale helps you get it for the lowest possible price.

4. Pick a grocery store and a drugstore to shop at each week.

Locate the coupon matchup list on your favorite blog, and decide which items to purchase based on their price after the coupons and discounts. Gather the coupons from the correct inserts and printable coupon websites, which are listed on the matchup list.

Doing these 4 simple steps will get you started saving a ton on your grocery and drugstore purchases. Many people who practice extreme couponing on a regular basis are saving at least 50 percent off regular retail price, with many getting deals of 80 percent or 90 percent off. With some experience under your belt, you’ll be right up there with them soon!

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This guest post was written by Maire, who loves to save money as much as she can. It drives her friends nuts sometimes. 

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1 Comment on How to Get Started With Extreme Couponing

  1. Eating on a Budget
    March 28, 2012 at 11:15 pm (4 years ago)

    I have recently become obsessed with extreme couponing and love these tips. Now I am off to find blogs that can help me match my coupons with local stores. Thanks for sharing!