I am honored to host the Money Hacks Carnival #106 – The Savvy Saver Edition. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many submissions and great articles.

It’s the first week at my new job and my first time hosting a carnival. This is a wonderful week.

Editor’s Picks

Mike Ross presents The Top 22 Money-Saving Firefox Extensions posted at The Budget Life Blog. This is a great list of websites that save you money by watching deals for you.

Bret presents Overcome Money Problems | Hope to Prosper posted at Hope to Prosper. Here is a step by step guide to overcoming money problems.

Paul @ FiscalGeek presents What’s a Good Credit Score? Should you Care? posted at FiscalGeek. Ever wonder how your FICO score is determined? This is a great article with a breakdown on what the numbers mean.

Arthur Pledger presents Making it Rain posted at World Domination with Arthur Pledger. This is a funny article on how to make it rain… with money!


Saving Money

Tom Tessin presents Finding a Car Rental Coupon posted at FGC Auto Blog. Save money on your car rental with a click of your mouse.

PT presents Earn Rewards Without a Credit Card: 2% Cash Back Using a Debit Card posted at PT Money. If you’re spending money, why not earn money back at the same time?

FIRE Finance presents Smart Refrigeration Lowers Electricity Bill posted at FIRE Finance. Little adjustments add up to big savings.

Money Beagle presents Keeping Our Dormant Frequent Flier Miles On Ice posted at Money Beagle. Here is an interesting way to use your airline miles.

Lower Your Taxes

Jeff Kosola presents How to Adjust Tax Withholdings posted at DeliverAwayDebt. If you haven’t already done your taxes, do it soon. Then adjust your withholdings accordingly.

Peter presents What Documentation Do I Need To Claim The First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit posted at Bible Money Matters. Here’s another tax related article. Find out what documents you need to claim the first time homebuyer tax credit. Good stuff.


2 Cents presents The Lexicon of Debt or Is Debt Evil? posted at Balance Junkie. Is debt evil? I say yes, but check out this take on the meaning of debt.

Credit and Home Buying

Super Saver presents Our Approach to Buying a House posted at My Wealth Builder. What do you look for when buying a house?

Matthew Paulson presents Are Social Networking Sites Hurting Your Credit? This is an interesting take on why you should be careful what you post online.

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