Now is the time to get the best deals online, especially with clothes. Not only will you get the best selection of sizes and colors, but there are also plenty of coupons to encourage you to shop. If you wait until after Christmas, you’ll be scavaging through the leftovers. Here are 2 quick tips.

Subscribe to email newsletters or mailings.

This is the lazy way of finding deals. Have them delivered to you! I subscribe to and from time to time I get the friends and family 25% savings pass. Totally worth it! If you purchase something from a store by credit card or online, you’ll also get onto their mailing list. Recently, I got some coupons in the mail for Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic.

Search on Google for coupon code.

Every time I purchase something online, right before I click to complete my order, I always do a Google search for a coupon code. 4 out of 5 times I find a coupon code and save money. It only takes a few seconds. Just do a search for “[company name] coupon”, for example: “Old Navy coupon”. Google will search all of the coupon sites to find coupons. When selecting a coupon to use, pay attention to the expiration date. You may come across some expired coupons. Also, don’t be afraid to try using more than one coupon code. Sometimes it works. Yesterday, I got $10 off from a coupon I got in the mail and searched online for a free shipping code. I was able to combine the coupons for a savings of $17!

Do you have any tips to add?

3 comments on “Quick Tips on How to Get the Best Deal Online”

  1. We made good use of dealsea ( when shopping for our TV. Their price search function helped us hone-in on what features we wanted and could fit into our budget. Their front-page coupons aren’t the easiest to use and often expire quickly, but it’s worth checking out every couple of days just to see what’s new.

    Another one we’ve used is woot! ( It’s one deal per day, and more often than not the item’s something we don’t need, but if it’s something we want, the deal is definitely great. Just need to keep your eyes open on their electronics, in case it’s refurbished (it will be marked pretty clearly, but the deal’s so great it’s sometimes easy to overlook.)

  2. Jerry, thanks for the websites. It’s interesting to see where guys go to buy clothes. =) I checked out Sierra Trading Post. They have good deals on jackets.

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