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If you were unable to breastfeed your child or had to supplement with formula, you know how much the cost of formula can add up.

At one point, we were buying 2 cans of formula a week and paying $25 per can, when not using coupons.

That’s easily $200 a month spent on formula!

Balanced nutrition is important to your baby’s growth and development. Simply Right Infant Formula is designed with that in mind, with FDA approved DHA and ARA, which may support brain and eye development.

Check out Simply Right Infant Formula available at Sam’s Club Simply Right Infant Formula.┬áIt’s comparable to Enfamil and Similac but much more affordable.

simply right formula

When compared to the other brands, Simply Right Infant Formula will save you over $540 a year! If you’re on a tight budget, that’s huge savings and worth switching formulas for.

And if you have twins or mutliples, you’ll save over $1000 a year!

Plus, Simply Right has a brand new package that’s mom-friendly. I used to cut myself while opening the foil that seals the formula. This new package has an easy tear pad, scoop holder, and leveler.

This is a life saver when your baby is hungry and crying and you need to open a new package of formula quickly to prep a bottle.

What is your favorite memory of being a mom? How would Simply Right fit into your motherhood duties?

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  1. After trying to breastfeed my daughter… i decided to switch her completely to formula… this was a hard decision but i just wasnt producing. we were buying the name brand for quite awhile until i started researching the difference between generic and name brand… ive been using the sensitive formula for at least 8 months now… and my daughter is thriving… she will be one yrs old in a few days, great product…

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