I’ve been pining for a Kindle Fire for awhile.

After all, I’m a big fan of Amazon.

I have over 100 free Kindle ebooks and some Amazon MP3s.

I’m also an Amazon Prime member, affiliate, and I have their credit card.

I don’t have an iPad or other tablet so I’ve been reading my ebooks on the computer or on my phone (squinting).

Then I found out that someone I knew was selling their barely used Kindle Fire. It was such a good deal that I got it.

I have the 7″ Kindle Fire without the special offers.

Holy cow! I love it!

love kindle fire

Here are my top 10 reasons why:

  1. The screen is beautiful! It’s super sharp and perfect for watching videos on Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, or YouTube.
  2. It’s the perfect size. At 7 inches, it’s a great size to lug around and to read ebooks.
  3. I can read my ebooks faster and more conveniently, on the couch or in bed, without having to turn on my computer. There are features where I can bookmark, tap to the next page, and view how much of the book I’ve read.
  4. I can listen to all the free Amazon MP3s I’ve downloaded, again without turning on my computer or using the app on my phone (which is slow).
  5. I can borrow a book for free once a month from the Kindle Owners Lending Library. This is probably the biggest reason I wanted a Kindle. And I read a lot.
  6. Images look better. This may sound crazy, but the images on Facebook are clearer on the Kindle than on my computer.
  7. Kindle Free Time – there’s a feature where you can set daily limits for your child to use the Kindle Fire. And you can select the apps, books, shows, etc that they can access.
  8. Amazon Cloud – with the cloud storage, I can access all my new ebooks or music instantly.
  9. When Wifi isn’t available – If I’m in a place with no Wifi, I can still access the ebooks, music, TV shows, or movies I’ve downloaded onto the device. Awesome!
  10. It satisfies my need for an iPad or iPad mini. If I upgraded to the Kindle Fire HD, I’d have a camera too.
Check out this interesting comparison – Kindle Fire vs. iPad mini.

top reasons i love kindle fire