Last Christmas, my husband wanted an iPhone. But after researching the monthly service cost, we ruled it out. So the alternative was the iPod Touch.

It has all of the features of the iPhone, even looks like one, without the phone! You can play with all of the fun apps and still use it to go online. You just have to use Wi-Fi or wireless Internet to go online, like at home or at a coffee shop.  Most coffee shops, with the exception of Starbucks, offer free wireless Internet.

Not only does it have iTunes, but you get a calendar, email, web browser, and endless apps.

The amount of apps (applications) available increases everyday. There’s an app for just about anything. Some apps are free while others start at 99 cents. has a great app for keeping track of finances on the go. Urban Spoon has a fun app for those times when you can’t decide on which restaurant to go to. Just shake your iPod Touch and just like a slot machine, it spins and selects a restaurant in your area. There’s even an app to keep track of wedding planning. Plus, there are plenty of game apps to keep you entertained.


This cracks me up. The iPod Touch has a feature where you can pretend that it’s a phone. You can program it so that your iPod Touch rings at a predetermined time, making it look like you’re getting a phone call. LOL! No, I’m not kidding. This feature is great for blind dates or getting out of meetings.

Our friends who have an iPhone have said that it isn’t really a good phone since it has poor reception.  I’m not trying to bash on the iPhone, but that was another reason why we didn’t get the iPhone.

There are 3 versions of the iPod Touch with different amounts storage space – 8 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. My husband has the 8 GB iPod Touch and is happy with it.

I know that this is a personal finance blog, but I only recommend products that I really believe in. Purchases made through the link to Best Buy support this blog.

If you are debt free and have always wanted an iPhone, why not consider the iPod Touch for yourself or for a loved one? If you are in credit card debt, wait until you pay off everything before being tempted to purchase this! Make it a reward after you pay off everything. =)

Where to Buy:

Best Buy is offering a Free $30 Gift Card with Any iPod touch®. Valid 12/13-12/19.

*Order by 12/16/09 and shipping is 99 cents!

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, what is your fave app?

3 comments on “Want an iPhone? Consider the iPod Touch.”

  1. Just got one as an early Christmas present. My favorite apps are Doodle Jump (99 cents), AP Mobile (free), Accuweather (free), iheartradio (free), echofon lite (for twitter, free).

  2. iheartradio lets you listen to clear channel radio stations throughout the country as well as digital stations. It lets me listen to some of the stations from my hometown, Honolulu. 🙂

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