Last Monday was the first time I’ve ever publicly revealed my goals.

I think it helps me stay accountable to try to complete these goals.

On Saturday, I worked on formatting my first ebook into a paperback and boy did it take all day, literally ALL DAY. I hired a babysitter for the morning, thinking that I would finish it in 3 hours.

Well, I continued working through the afternoon during my daughter’s nap and until 8pm at night! So I worked on it on and off from 9am-8pm.

I must be doing it the wrong way as I didn’t take the time to read any instructions or watch the demo video. But I also, edited out formatting errors and fixed links.

Each time I uploaded the document, I would find another error. I probably uploaded and corrected it over 50 times. Ugh!

Last Week’s Goals


1. Write and submit a guest post.

2. Turn ebooks into paperbacks. (This might be more than a week’s project as I have to get a back cover designed).


3. Review car insurance renewal to get more discounts.


4. Take my daughter to the park at least twice this week.

5. Plan a play date or play group for my daughter.


This Week’s Goals


1. Write and submit a guest post.

2. Make a list of blogs to comment on.

3. Switch email provider.


4. Rework our budget.


5. Date night with the hubby for our anniversary!

How did you do on your goals?

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