I’m a huge UFC fan.

And I LOVE the current champion female fighter, Ronda Rousey!

If you watch her fights, you know that she is disciplined and super focused when she fights.

During her last fight over the weekend, she knocked out her opponent in 34 seconds! And the last 2 fights before that, she won in about 14 seconds!

That is a monumental accomplishment. Many male fighters go 5 rounds and never get a knock out or submission to finish their opponent.

Ronda is also undefeated, meaning she hasn’t lost any UFC fights!

What is remarkable about her is that she is the first female fighter in UFC history, to reach superstar status. She is the first female fighter to headline a UFC event! Wow!

Her fights sell tickets.

Before, only guys headlined the UFC fights. Then UFC added women as the co-main event, meaning they were the secondary event next to the guy’s main fight.

One time, a male fighter had to drop out of main event, at the last minute, and Ronda Rousey’s fight got elevated to the main event and people loved it!

During the last fight, her opponent, Bethe Correia, made some callous remarks about her family, remarks that go beyond the usual pre-fight trash talk. I won’t repeat what was said because it was heartless and ruthless.

Those comments hit Ronda hard. So she vowed to punish her opponent and beat her at her game.

During the weigh-ins, the day before the fight, as Ronda was posed in a fighting stance, face to face with Bethe for obligatory photos, Bethe was basically yelling in her face.

When reporters asked Ronda what Bethe said, Ronda responded that she didn’t know because she wasn’t listening! Ronda said she was thinking of what she was going to do in the ring to Bethe!!! LOL.

She wasn’t even thinking about what she should say back because it didn’t matter. What matters is what she does in the ring, which is to win!

During the fight, Ronda knocked out Bethe in 34 seconds. Usually, Ronda ends her fight with her famous armbar, a submission technique which forces your opponent to tap out or give up.

Ronda is so hyper focused and I love it! She has inspired me to be more focused.

1. Put the blinders on.

When Ronda trains, she puts the blinders on, ignores everything else, and focuses on training to be the best. When you set out to accomplish something, whether it’s a job promotion, starting your own business, or getting out of debt, stay laser focused.

Don’t pay too much attention to what others are doing or saying. Instead, focus on your progress and stay focused on your goal.

When I wrote my first ebook, Eating Organic on a Budget, I had my goal posted on the wall next to my desk, so I could see it every day. I broke those goals down to actionable steps. Each day, when I sat at my desk, I knew exactly what had to be done.

After 3 months of writing, I completed a book! And it’s still selling on Amazon.

I decided that I want to keep writing books for Amazon. That’s my next goal, a new book.

2. Focus on what will get you the most results.

There’s so much noise out there now for entrepreneurs or anyone trying to earn money online. The thing to remember is to focus on what will get YOU the most results for your effort.

What it takes is keen observation. Take a step back and study what is working and what isn’t. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing because you are not them.

You can use this to think about whether couponing is worth your time. Is 30 minutes of searching for coupons worth saving $2? Is spending $40 for subscribing to the Sunday paper for 6 weeks worth it, when you only saved $10 using the coupon inserts?

3. Learn to adapt to different obstacles and challenges.

Everybody, I mean everybody, has an obstacle or challenge they are facing. And celebrities aren’t immune either. Look at the high rate of divorce among celebrities who seem to have it all! (eg. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale)

You may be dealing with chronic health issues, financial difficulties, loss of a loved one, relationship issues, etc. It is hard. But know that whatever it is, you’ll get through it and you’re not the only one.

I was at my lowest point when I developed severe food allergies suddenly. I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to eat and enjoy my favorite foods again or go out to a restaurant.

I was depressed because I was limited to eating certain foods. When I was invited to a family gathering at a restaurant, I didn’t look forward to it and felt left out because I had to bring my own food. I was scared of eating food prepared by someone else because of the chance of cross contamination and my allergic reaction was life threatening.

Thankfully, I got through it when I found the right holistic doctor and did acupuncture. I am now free of food allergies and my daughter is starting to get better as well!

The key is to keep telling yourself that you will find the right solution.

Be willing to try different things and be open to new solutions. The worst thing you can do is to keep doing what you were doing before, if it didn’t work.

If you’re dealing with lack of money, then figure out what you can do to earn more money. Nowadays, there are so many ways to earn money online and without a job.

If you have a disability or are unable to hold a regular job, you can still earn money doing other things. What are you good at? What are you an expert at?

People earn money making helpful YouTube videos and posting consistently. Others do podcasts, coaching, teach online courses, or write ebooks. These things aren’t easy but if you keep at it, you’ll find your success.

The world is your playground. Go and make something happen!

4. Work hard but balance your life with fun things to avoid burnout.

Ronda is at the height of her career. She recently came out with an autobiography “My Fight, Your Fight.” And she does cameos in movies to keep things fun.

Take time for yourself. Whether you work 80 hours a week or stay at home with the kids, you deserve time for yourself to do fun things.

5. Adopt a winner’s mentality.

What you say to yourself in your head, matters more than you think. What you tell yourself, matters.

When you play a broken record in your head, that you’re a failure, you’re not good at anything, then that’s what will happen.

What if you told yourself that you will be a successful entrepreneur one day or that you’ll be CEO of your company? When you tell yourself things, you start to believe them. Then things happen for you.

When I had food allergies, I told myself that I would get better someday. One day I would be able to eat anything without an allergic reaction. And through a series of events, I found the right doctor and the right solution so I know that having the right mind set works.