When it comes to paying off debt, building up an emergency fund, or saving up for something, sometimes it’s hard to stay on track.

When the goal amount is large and will take more than a few months to reach, you can get sidetracked.

I came across this story that was inspiring.

Envision the Parade

A year and a half ago, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the 3rd time in 5 years. You might call it luck for the first time but by the 3rd time, you start to wonder what their secret formula is.

After all, some generations have never seen their hometown baseball team reach the World Series.

envision the parade

One of the Giant’s players, Hunter Pence, told the rookies during spring training to “envision the parade.” After winning the World Series, the city throws a huge street parade honoring the winning team.

So before the Giants started the season, they were already envisioning the reward for winning the World Series, the parade.

Some of his teammates thought he was crazy. But obviously, the vision worked.

Imagining the finish line when days are rough, can help you stay focused.

When I had severe food allergies to multiple foods, I had no idea if I would ever get better. But I kept believing and thinking that it was possible, that one day I would be able to eat anything again.

fried chicken and waffles

To stay motivated, I posted a photo from a magazine of fried chicken and waffles. And every day I would imagine myself eating and enjoying that fried chicken and waffles without an allergic reaction.

The road to getting better was not easy. I didn’t eat out or let anyone cook my food for almost a year.

I didn’t eat any sugar, fruit, dairy, wheat, bread, shellfish, or processed foods. Whenever I went out for more than a few hours, I would bring my own food in a thermos.

I did this when we went out to eat at restaurants, weddings, special events, and family occasions.

Imagine how hard it is to not be able to eat what everyone else is eating and to feel different and left out. Imagine doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

A year later, I was healed of my food allergies and was finally able to enjoy fried chicken and waffles again! All of the hard work and sticking to a strict diet was all worth it.

That’s what it takes to succeed. While your friends are eating out at nice restaurants, driving new cars, and taking family vacations to Hawaii or Europe (and you’re reading about it on Facebook), don’t compare your life to theirs.

Stay focused and envision the finish line and reward, even when you’re cooking all of your meals at home, driving a 20 year old used car, and doing staycations.

Even though you’re not doing what everyone else is doing, it will be worth it in the end when you can finally make that last credit card or debt payment. It’s all worth it to feel free and unburdened by debt.

Are you envisioning the parade? What is your reward for paying off that credit card, school loan, or saving up $1,000 for your emergency fund?

How can you stay motivated? Can you post a checklist of actionable steps and a photo of your reward?

Photo Credit: Fireworks by my husband
Fried Chicken by Sonny Abesamis


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  1. Thanks for this article. I think clearing your debt first is a big concern or road block for achieving any other financial goal. So far I have experienced with home loan, car loan and personal loan and I can remember those days how difficult it was for me to allocate some budget for a short trip as well.

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