amazon credit card rewards

Amazon recently announced that you may now use your Amazon credit card rewards towards purchases on Yes, there’s now a way to get free stuff on!

I’ve had the Amazon visa credit card by Chase for a few years, since I frequently shop at for their great prices and fast shipping. I was so excited about this that I used my racked up rewards to buy something right away. It’s like getting free stuff on Amazon!

First, you have to set it up in your account to use your Chase Amazon credit card rewards for purchases. If your Amazon card is already stored in your account then it’s just one click.

After that, you can choose to use all or some of your reward points towards purchases. An instance of this is when you want to use an Amazon gift card and reward points in one transaction.

How to earn points:

  • 3 points for every $1 spent on
  • 2 points for $1 spent at gas stations, restaurants, drug stores, and office supply stores
  • 1 point for every $1 spent

How to shop with points:

  • Every 100 points = $1 towards your purchase
  • Pay for all or part of your purchase – there’s no minimum

Amazon recently cut off all of its affiliates in California so that includes me. Sadly, I no longer receive affiliate income from them. This is just an honest review.

I still love Amazon and wanted to share this great rewards program if you’re a frequent customer.

Also, if you’re a parent or are expecting a child, check out Amazon Mom for deep discounts on diapers and baby stuff.

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  1. I used this card fo 20 years. I buy about 40 books pe year from Amazon. During the past seven years they have failed to send my reward coupons. When I contacted Chase they claimed to have no address for me. I reminded them that They send a bill monthly to my address. Afterwatd they send me some of the coupons, but then they stopped sending them again. It has been several years now. They owe me a lot of coupons. I may stop buying from Amazon. There are other good book vendors ouy there.

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