Purchasing your first car is always going to be an important decision.

For the vast majority of individuals, it will be the most expensive purchase they’ll have made.

It may even require the use of additional financing in order to secure a vehicle appropriate to their requirements.

By following a few guidelines, you can help to make the whole process a great deal easier.

Set a Realistic Budget

Decide on the amount you can afford at an early stage and once you’ve calculated a figure, be sure to stick to it. Take into account any savings that can go towards your purchase, as well as the timescale in which you are intending to buy a vehicle, as this will affect any savings plans you need to implement.

Fanny’s note: Also, take into account how much insurance will cost.

buying tips for first car

Choosing a Car

After you know how much money you have to spend, looking for an appropriately priced car can help to focus your efforts as you will have something definite to aim for when it comes to the next stage.

Many first time buyers will not have the financial means to go for a brand new vehicle, but a second- hand car with a good service history can provide huge savings.

Avoid making any impulsive decisions and make sure to have any potential purchase checked out by a professional in order to minimise the chance of any problems later on. Take the time to read up on any particular manufacturers or vehicles that you particularly like.

If you are smitten with a specific Honda model for example, do some initial research online or in print publications such as car magazines or other specialist literature.


Although you should have a good idea of how much your new car is going to cost you, once you have obtained a more definite figure, you will be able to calculate more accurately how much you will need to save before making your purchase.

Setting yourself a realistic and attainable goal means you must consider your expenditure level and projected outgoings over the time you will be saving money for your vehicle.

You may find that setting up an automatic transfer into a dedicated savings account makes the whole process more manageable, and you can also reward yourself as you get closer to your final goal.

Finally, once you are ready to make the purchase, be sure that you are happy to agree to any conditions or finance packages you are signing up for. The purchase of any car can be a daunting prospect, particularly for first time buyers, but following these steps should at least help to make the process a little bit easier whether you go for a second-hand bargain or something a little bit more exotic.





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