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Work at Home Series: Kyle from

work at home dad

I’m excited to share the 2nd post in my Work at Home Series. This week, Kyle from, a popular coupon code site, shares how he became a stay-at-home/work-at-home-dad. I think it’s refreshing to hear about a stay-at-home dad. While working from home and starting your own business is not an easy or quick way […] Read more…

7 Ways to Make Money Online

ways to make money online

The traditional way to make money is by working at a job. Now with the popularity of the Internet, people are making money online. And some even make more money online than in their previous day jobs. So if that’s possible, why not explore ways to make money online? This might start out as a […] Read more…

How My Husband Sold a $200 Item on eBay in Less Than 5 Minutes

selling on ebay

It seems that you are liking these posts about my husband so I will keep it going. Being motivated by lack of income since he lost his job 2 weeks ago, my husband decided to let go and sell some of his coveted possessions. If you know him, it’s a big deal for him to […] Read more…

Buy and Sell Things Locally Through Facebook Groups


We had a thread on Facebook about buying and selling items locally. There are Facebook groups for certain cities/communities, that make it easy to buy or sell things in your area. It’s better than Craigslist because it’s local, you know who the person is (well, through Facebook anyway), and you can get more things sold […] Read more…

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