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Eating Organic on a Budget is #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List

amazon best seller eating organic on a budget

Thank you to everyone who downloaded or bought my ebook. A lot of hard work went into writing, marketing, and putting this ebook together. It’s currently #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List for Cooking, Food & Wine Reference! This info changes hourly… but at this very moment it’s #1 and my listing got a cool […] Read more…

My Podcast about Being a Work at Home Mom is Live


A few weeks ago, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was interviewed for a podcast about being a work at home mom. In the podcast, I talk about the challenges of finding time to work and getting things done while taking care of my daughter. You can find it now on Cool Family […] Read more…

10 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

10 ways to make money without job

Came across this interesting infographic on Pinterest. Here are 10 ways to make money without a job, from street performing to blogging. I don’t think everyone can get the same results but these are insightful stats.   Source: Zaarly Read more…

What is Peer to Peer Lending?

peer to peer lending

What would you do if you won a million dollars? Most people think of how they would spend it. But what if you just invested it and lived off the interest? Just 10% of $1,000,000 is $100,000! Could you live off of that for a year? What if you could earn even more? Say 15% […] Read more…

4 Reasons To Start a Business in a Down Economy

start a business in a down economy

Typically, when the economy struggles, people are scared to start a new business. They worry consumers won’t spend money and the start-up costs will ruin them. I make the argument that right now is the perfect time to start a business because EVERYTHING costs less. On a personal note, I started my business in a […] Read more…

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