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Money Making Ideas

How My Husband Sold a $200 Item on eBay in Less Than 5 Minutes

selling on ebay

It seems that you are liking these posts about my husband so I will keep it going. Being motivated by lack of income since he lost his job 2 weeks ago, my husband decided to let go and sell some of his coveted possessions. If you know him, it’s a big deal for him to […] Read more…

Get $5 Bonus with Ibotta – Ends Friday


I’ve been hearing good things about this new cash back app called Ibotta. Ibotta is an app that you load onto your iPhone or Android to help you save money. If you’re looking for another way to earn money besides couponing, check this out. Until Friday, 1/11/13, you can earn $5 when you sign up. Sign up today […] Read more…

Eating Organic on a Budget is #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List

amazon best seller eating organic on a budget

Thank you to everyone who downloaded or bought my ebook. A lot of hard work went into writing, marketing, and putting this ebook together. It’s currently #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List for Cooking, Food & Wine Reference! This info changes hourly… but at this very moment it’s #1 and my listing got a cool […] Read more…

Trade in Your iPhone for an Amazon Gift Card

iphone trade in amazon

Now that the iPhone 5 is coming out, what will you do with your old iPhone? You can trade in your iPhone for an Amazon gift card. iPhone 4 32 GB is worth up to $260 for like new condition. iPhone 3GS 32 GB, black color, is worth up to $115 like new condition. They […] Read more…

My Podcast about Being a Work at Home Mom is Live


A few weeks ago, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was interviewed for a podcast about being a work at home mom. In the podcast, I talk about the challenges of finding time to work and getting things done while taking care of my daughter. You can find it now on Cool Family […] Read more…