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Paying Off Debt

How to Start Paying Off Debt Now

how to start paying off debt now

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed about money? Does it seem easier to borrow more to have a quick fix rather than to deal with the problem? Well, now’s the time to do something about it. And stop that urge to keep digging yourself in a hole. Take a deep breath. Everything will be ok. […] Read more…

10 Easy Steps to a Solid Debt Payoff Plan


When you have a lot of debt hanging over you, doesn’t it feel overwhelming? How are you going to pay it off? Will you pay it off… like before you reach retirement age? Where do you start? When I had $8,000 in private student loans, I felt like this. You may have more or less […] Read more…

How NOT to Get into Financial Trouble in College – 7 Money Traps to Avoid

budget worksheet

For college students, it’s the first time you’re going to be away from the umbrella of your parents. It’s the first time, you’ll be offered a T-shirt or some other cheap “gift” to open your first credit card. It’s the first time you join a fraternity or sorority to build lifelong friendships. But do you […] Read more…

Can’t Pay Your Taxes in Full? Here’s What to Do.

can't pay taxes in full

In a tough economy, doing taxes can be a nightmare. Maybe last year you lost your job, became self-employed, or had to cash out retirement accounts early to survive. You didn’t withhold enough taxes from your paycheck or pay enough estimated taxes last year. Consequently, you’re stuck with a large tax bill. If you can’t […] Read more…

7 Steps to Paying Off Credit Card Debt

ways to pay off credit card debt

In order to be financially successful, you must be free of credit card debt. Paying only the minimum amount due on credit cards will get you nowhere. If you’re short on money, pay the minimum amount until you find extra money. It can mean selling stuff, such as electronic items, jewelry, or musical instruments. Figure […] Read more…