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Costco Gift Baskets


If you still haven’t started Christmas shopping, it’s not too late! This past weekend, we went Christmas shopping. We are not fond of going to the mall. The fights over the limited parking spaces and the crowds are not fun. We decided to go to Costco. They have extended hours so we went 2 hours […] Read more…

Want an iPhone? Consider the iPod Touch.


Last Christmas, my husband wanted an iPhone. But after researching the monthly service cost, we ruled it out. So the alternative was the iPod Touch. It has all of the features of the iPhone, even looks like one, without the phone! You can play with all of the fun apps and still use it to […] Read more…

Comparing Cell Phone Plans


If you have been reworking your budget, you have probably considered whether or not your current cell phone plan still fits your budget. Basic cell phone plans for 2 people can easily cost about $100 a month so this is a budget item worth looking into. Even if you can save only $20 a month, […] Read more…

Quick Tips on How to Get the Best Deal Online


Now is the time to get the best deals online, especially with clothes. Not only will you get the best selection of sizes and colors, but there are also plenty of coupons to encourage you to shop. If you wait until after Christmas, you’ll be scavaging through the leftovers. Here are 2 quick tips. Subscribe […] Read more…

4 Reasons Why Debit Gift Cards Make Poor Gifts


It might seem like a great gift idea, to give someone a shiny plastic prepaid debit card for the holidays. It’s almost like giving someone a credit card that they don’t have to pay. But don’t! At least until you read my reasons. My husband received 2 debit cards from his work, one from Visa […] Read more…

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