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Money Saving Tips

How I Saved Over $100 a Month


Last year, money was really tight. It was a scary time but it motivated me to makes some real cuts to our budget. I ended up saving $143 a month, which is $1716 a year! If you can lower your monthly bills, by $100 a month, the savings will add up to $1200 in a […] Read more…

True Life: I Can No Longer Afford My Lifestyle


MTV’s “True Life: I Can No Longer Afford My Lifestyle” chronicled three twentysomethings who once had highly paid corporate jobs that allowed them to live extravagant lifestyles. All of them lost their jobs in the recession and are now struggling to make ends meet. These people were brave enough to have their struggles documented for […] Read more…

How American Airlines Saved $3 Million/Yr.


I just saw this show on CNBC called “Inside American Airlines”, which was basically an hour long commercial for American Airlines disguised as a show, but it was very interesting. One segment featured how the airline saved money, a lot of money, in fact it was a whopping $3 million a year, $25 at a […] Read more…