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Working at Home

30 Real Ways to Start a Small Business

30 real ways to start a small business

For many, it is a dream to start a small business. Being your own boss, having the freedom to try out new ideas and the possibility of earning more than a desk job are enticing. Although having a small business isn’t for everyone, it’s something to think about when you need to earn extra money […] Read more…

4 Ways I Make Money Online


I’ve been blogging since 2006, with my food blog, At that time, food blogs were exploding online.┬áSome food bloggers became celebrities and even got cookbook deals. It was fun having my own blog and getting invitations to fun food events. But I couldn’t figure out how to make money with the food blog so […] Read more…

9 Steps to Create a Business Website


If you’re starting a business, you absolutely must have a business website. A business website is essentially your online business card. Not only will it help you get more business, but more often than not, your website is the first impression someone gets of your business. A business that has a website is perceived as […] Read more…

5 Goals This Week 9/30


Last Monday was the first time I’ve ever publicly revealed my goals. I think it helps me stay accountable to try to complete these goals. On Saturday, I worked on formatting my first ebook into a paperback and boy did it take all day, literally ALL DAY. I hired a babysitter for the morning, thinking […] Read more…

Work at Home Series: Preschool Planning Website


This week on the Work at Home Series, Cheryl shares how she works at home by running a preschool planning website. Find out how she built a website quickly with no html experience and why she chose to do a site about preschool planning. As I have mentioned before, blogs and websites take time to […] Read more…