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In an effort to save a couple of hundred dollars every few months, most movie addicts switch from catching a flick at the movie theaters to renting them at home just to get their entertainment fix. But even renting movies from traditional movie rental businesses like Blockbuster can burn a pretty hole in your wallet—a single rental can cost as much as $5. Fortunately there are other alternatives. To learn how to rent movies on the cheap, continue reading below.


Located at just at about every name-brand grocery store, pharmacy store and McDonald’s location, RedBox offers its movie rentals for only a $1. Granted customers are responsible for returning the movie the very next day (you’re charged a dollar extra each day you are late) but this is one of the cheapest ways to see newly released movies at home. You can even see them entirely for free if you sign-up for RedBox’s newsletter–every month the website provides promotional codes for free movies and additional discounts. But to get you started with your free movie rental, here are some standard promotional codes that typically work at every Red Box: type in “REDBOX” for one free rental if you are a new costumer or “DVDONME.” The only downside about Red Box is that the movies offered are only newly released movies and are only available for about a month or so. So if you want to see a move that came to DVD or Blue Ray out two months ago, chances are it won’t be there.  New movies are added every Tuesday.


For only $7.99 a month, NetFlix offers its customers unlimited movie rentals. And the best part? The movies are delivered straight to your mailbox. You may have to wait a business day or two to receive the rental, so planning ahead is typically best. For example, if you want to have a stay at home movie night on Friday, put your order in on Wednesday. Or for just two extra dollars you can have access to NetFlix’s database of movies that are offered for instant streaming, which means you can watch a selection of movies or TV shows immediately from your home computer or via a Roku player or XBox on your home television set.  While the selections of instant streaming movies are typically older movies, some newly released movies are offered as well.

Amazon Instant Video

Slightly more inexpensive than its main competitor Netflix, for $79 a year Amazon offers its prime costumers a selection of movie titles and TV seasons that can be viewed via unlimited instant streaming for free. While the prime package includes free, two-day shipping for hard copies of DVD rentals — the downside is the service only offers a database of 5,000 movie titles.


Hulu is a great source to watch a small selection of older movies and new TV shows entirely for free.  Costumer’s main complaint is the 30-second commercial and advertising breaks featured during the duration of all of the flicks. But then again, this website’s programming is completely free. For $7.99, customers can upgrade to HuluPlus which gives them access to more movie and TV show titles, however the commercials are still played.


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