It’s nice to have a supply of baby formula if you don’t breastfeed, want to supplement, or just want a backup supply of baby formula. If you can get free baby formula and coupons, why not take advantage of it?

During pregnancy is a good time to apply to for free baby formula and formula checks, which are coupons for dollars off baby formula. Baby formula is expensive so everything helps.

Baby formula companies want you to buy their brand of formula so they are more than happy to send you free samples of full size cans of formula as well as formula checks.

How do you get free baby formula? Simply register your info on their site. Keep in mind that it may take at least 6 weeks to receive cans of baby formula and formula checks. That’s why it’s a good idea to register as soon as possible.

Baby formula companies will send you one or two cans to get you started. And formula checks can range from $3.50 to $11.50 towards your purchase of formula.

Here are the big 3 baby formula companies and registration info:

Gerber Good Start – get formula checks

Enfamil – get free cans of baby formula and formula checks

Similac – get free cans of baby formula and formula checks

Formula checks have your name printed on them and your ID may be required when using them. These checks are redeemed at the store like a coupon. Then the store deposits it like a check.

Also, after you deliver your baby, your hospital will also send you home with free baby formula.

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