There are a lot of sites that claim to offer free baby stuff but make you complete offers in order to get your “free stuff”. That’s too much work.

After all, as parents we don’t have much time to ourselves anyway.

Here is a list of 5 legitimate ways to get free baby stuff with no strings attached.

It’s a compilation of what I’ve found and used.

Hope this helps you!

free baby stuff

1. Free Baby Formula – Get full size cans of formula, formula samples, and formula checks. Formula companies want you to get started on their formula so they’re willing to send you the first can.

2. Free Nursing Cover – Yes, the nursing cover is free but the catch is you’ll have to pay $9.95 for shipping. That’s cheap compared to how much nursing covers cost elsewhere – at least $30. I ordered one and got my nursing cover with no problems.

3. Free Stuff from Freecycle – You can find free baby stuff like used cribs, toys, clothes, and more by following your local Freecycle group’s emails.

4. Amazon Mom Free 2-day Shipping – Get free Amazon Prime shipping on diapers, formula, wipes, and more by joining Amazon Mom.

5. Amazon Credit Card Rewards – Sign up for the Amazon credit card and use your reward points to get free baby stuff. Amazon has the biggest selection of baby stuff and reviews of these products. Earn points instantly with no minimum to starting using them to buy stuff.

Check out Living Richly on a Budget’s Resources page for more free stuff and money saving tips.


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