This week, I decided to be adventurous and make gluten-free bread for the first time.

I’ve been inkling to try out Nicole Hunn’s recipe for gluten-free brioche from her book, Gluten-Free on a Shoestring.

Somehow, I never seemed to have all of the ingredients on hand when I wanted to make it.

Weeks passed and I was either short of extra large eggs, lemon, or gluten-free all purpose flour.

Finally, this week, all the stars aligned and I had all of the ingredients to make this gluten-free brioche bread and a slot of time to devote to making it.

I didn’t have a stand mixer so I improvised with my hand mixer, which turned out to be a bad idea!

gluten free brioche recipe

Because bread dough is so stiff, it burned up the motor on the hand mixer. The dough ended pushing up into the threads of the blade, making it hard to clean out. Now, I am looking into getting a stand mixer.

This recipe requires waiting for the dough to rise, something I’ve never done before. The recipe book says it take 30 – 45 minutes, but for me, this process took over 2 hours!

As I said, this is my first time making this so it was a learning process. After an hour of waiting for the dough to rise and the dough not budging even an inch, I Googled how to make dough rise faster.

First, I made the mistake of not covering the dough, which keeps it warm and moist. And I placed it on top of the preheating oven. After doing these 2 things, the dough finally rose past the lip of the pan. Success!

The inviting smell of fresh, baked brioche bread out of the oven was worth all this effort. Gluten-free brioche bread is hard to find in stores so I had to make my own.

Slightly sweet, eggy, and slightly dense. I used Gluten Free Pantry’s all purpose flour because it has no brown rice, which I’m avoiding.

Upon her first bite, a big smile grew across my almost 2 year old daughter’s face. Yes, it’s that good!

gluten free brioche bread

View the recipe for Gluten-Free Brioche Bread here.

From Nicole Hunn’s Gluten-Free on a Shoestring


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Gluten-Free Brioche Bread turned in French Toast

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