It seems that you are liking these posts about my husband so I will keep it going.

Being motivated by lack of income since he lost his job 2 weeks ago, my husband decided to let go and sell some of his coveted possessions.

If you know him, it’s a big deal for him to let go of things that he really likes.

But our circumstances were dire enough for him to do this.

Plus, he has a lot of stuff laying around that he’s not using.

First, he looked at selling Amazon, but it seemed complicated. Then he focused his attention on eBay.

My hubby has never sold anything on eBay before although he has bought a lot of stuff from there. It took him a few minutes to set up the listing.

selling on ebay

He was selling a rare knife and he had a feeling that it would sell because it was mentioned on YouTube as the knife to have.

In less than 5 minutes of listing this item, he received a text letting him know that the item was sold! What? And it was for over $200! OMG!

I’ve sold some things on ebay before but I never sold anything that fast. I still can’t believe it.

His tip is to sell things that are popular. Things mentioned on popular YouTube videos are in demand.

He said that he follows popular knife/gear reviewers on YouTube. Then if he owns that item, he sells it at the peak of the popularity. So you have to keep up with what’s going on in that certain niche.

To translate that to other things, go through things you want to sell:

1. Research what’s popular and rare as well as when it sells for the highest price.

For instance, pedicare sets sell really well right before Mother’s Day but after the day passes, those items don’t sell as well. During Christmas, vintage Tomy fashion plates go for $80 or more, but won’t sell for as much during other times of year.

2. Sell at the peak time.

3. Title the listing to include variations words that people search for.

Examples of this are handbag and purse or Hello Kitty and Sanrio.

4. If your item sells for a higher price and there are lots of other listings, offer free shipping to stand out.

In other words, you’ll have to do your research and keep up with the trends and what people want to buy.

I’ve been selling my stuff on the Facebook Treasures group but I’ve only made $20 selling 3 items. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to him. Sheesh!

Have you been on eBay lately because it has changed a lot. For one thing, the shipping process is now integrated with eBay. You can set up and print a shipping label from USPS and FedEx and deduct the amount from your earnings. And you get a huge discount on shipping!

You don’t have to wait in line at the post office anymore. Just print the prepaid label and package the item. Then drop off at the post office counter without having to wait in line or drop off at FedEx.