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Having children is a joy. But once they get to the age where they’re actively crawling and walking, you have watch them closer and do a good job with baby proofing the house.

I thought I baby proofed our place well. We bought a colorful gate that prevented my daughter from getting to our computers, desks, and the front door. And we always kept the bathroom door closed. However, I never thought about our dining room table, which is made of metal and glass.

One time while I was busy vaccuming and she was standing on top of a chair at the dining table, suddenly the chair fell backwards onto the floor and my daughter was left hanging onto the edge of the table. Before I could catch her, she fell and cut her forehead on the edge of the metal frame of the table.

The cut was serious enough to take her to the ER. Thankfully, the doctor was able to glue her skin together and bypass stitches. The good news is that it healed really well that there is no visible scar!

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