Did you know that if you register your Starbucks gift card, you can earn rewards? You can earn free refills for coffee or tea, free soymilk add-ons, and a free drink on your birthday!

All you have to do is go to Starbucks.com and register your card. The minimum balance to get started is $5.

How it works

Every time you use your gift card to make a purchase you earn a star. As you collect stars, you’ll move up to bigger rewards.

Once you register your Starbucks gift card, you are automatically eligible for a free beverage of choice on your birthday.

Green Level = 5 Stars

Once you’ve earned 5 stars, you advance to the Green Level.


Free Select Syrups and Milk

Purchase any beverage on the menu with your registered Starbucks Card at a participating store and you can get select syrup and milk options on the house.

Complimentary syrup choices include Caramel (regular or sugar-free), Cinnamon Dolce (regular or sugar-free), Classic, Hazelnut (regular or sugar-free), Raspberry, Peppermint, Toffee Nut and Vanilla (regular or sugar-free). Syrups are subject to availability and exclude all seasonal or promotional beverages and syrups. Complementary milk choices include: Soy, Nonfat, 2% (our standard), Whole and Cream (breve, half-and-half). Offer subject to change.

Free Refills on Brewed Coffee or Tea.
Use your registered Starbucks Card to buy a brewed or iced coffee or tea and get free refills during the same visit.


Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase

Get a 12 fl oz beverage when you buy one or more pounds of whole bean coffee. Offer not valid with Pour Over, Starbucks Reserve™ or Clover® Brewed coffees or Starbucks Reserve™ whole bean coffees.


Free Trial Offers

Stay up to date with free trial offers from Starbucks.

Gold Level = 30 Stars

Collect 30 Stars and get the benefits of Gold level for one year. Earn another 30 stars keeps you Gold for the following year. You get all Welcome and Green level rewards plus:


Free Drink Every 15 Stars

You’ll get a free beverage with every 15 Stars you collect.


Personalized Gold Card

Receive a special Starbucks Card.

Personalized Offers and Coupons

Receive special offers

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