What did we do on the first day of the year?

We brought my daughter to the ER because she had a high fever that wouldn’t go away after taking medicine.

She has never had a fever that high before.

And it worried me that she had rapid breathing and her pulse was fast.

The high fever scared me a little.

Thank God for health insurance and a great hospital. There was a little complication as we didn’t get our new insurance cards yet because our insurance changed this year.

before you head to er

Oh and there was a black out at the hospital! Everything went dark for a few seconds before the generator kicked in.

The ER doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. She didn’t have any other symptoms like coughing, just the high fever and rapid breathing.

I was stressed out watching her burn up with a fever and being uncomfortable. But I’m glad we took her to the hospital instead of waiting. She is doing better now since taking the meds.

I may be not as active on posting things here this week as she is still recovering. And this stressed out mom is recovering as well!

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  1. I am so glad your daughter is doing better. My grandson had a high fever, just a couple weeks from becoming a year old, and he went into convulsions. Needless to say it was terrifying experience. Today, he is a healthy 6 year old. Everytime he gets a fever I make sure he gets attended to.

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