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The holidays are here and it’s getting a bit crazy and hectic.

With holiday get togethers and potlucks to cook for, gifts to buy, and deals to hunt, I often feel overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted.

As a mom and wife, I take care of everyone else first. It’s easy to forget about myself.

I know I have to take care of me too. So once a month, I get a massage at Massage Envy.

My husband watches our daughter and I get break. I get to take care of myself and and take a breather from life.

It has been part of my regular routine for over 5 years. I think of it as something I have to do to care for myself like getting a hair cut.

And if 4 weeks go by and I don’t get a massage, I start feeling stiff and achy from life… from lifting a 40+ pound toddler, bending down to clean up messes, doing repetitive computer work… you know the drill.

I try not to let it get to that point now so I schedule my next monthly massage at the end of my current massage appointment.


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One of my top priorities is taking care of my health and well being since I have dealt with debilitating injuries and chronic pain in the past. Getting a massage every month helps me refresh and stay healthy. It’s nonnegotiable for me.

Even when I was on a super tight budget, I still included a monthly massage into my budget.

And I love my experience at Massage Envy. I get to go somewhere alone and relax in a quiet and comfortable waiting room.

Then my massage therapist works out all of my knots while we have a fun conversation.

Total body care is important for everyone. Total body care means taking time out from your daily to-do’s to take care of yourself so you can get back to taking care of others.

I get a regular massage because I want to stay healthy (this is a huge part of living richly, taking care of yourself) and because I’m worth it!

Take time for yourself this holiday season and visit Massage Envy.

I mean it! Take care of yourself because you’re worth it.

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  1. Taking care of yourself is important, and I agree that everyone needs to have something fun in the budget; the idea of a stranger putting hands all over me makes my skin crawl.

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