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I was born and raised in California and I love it!

I don’t think I’ll ever move away and most people don’t.

I grew up in San Francisco with a view of the ocean outside my window!

I loved to walk to the beach whenever I wanted to get away or go shopping in downtown San Francisco.

The weather never gets colder than 50 degrees most of the year. And it never snows.

We have the best artisan foods, specialty food items, top rated restaurants, a wide array of authentic ethnic cuisine, and fun events that happen every month. For those with food allergies, you’ll find many restaurants who will happily cater to your needs.

why i love living in california

I currently live in South San Francisco, minutes away from San Francisco and 10 minutes away from the beach. Everything is close by. I mean everything!

We are 5 minutes away from 2 Costco’s, 3 Targets, drugstores, many different supermarkets including Asian grocery stores (which I can’t live without), a gourmet coffee shop (as well as several Starbucks and Peet’s), and easy access to the freeway.

I love the convenience of being close to everything and having options on where to buy my groceries and things I need.

Many tech startups are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Every time I hear about a new tech business and I look up their address, 90% of the time, I find that they’re in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The other thing I appreciate about living in California is the diversity of people. People are more versed in other cultures and food here.

And unlike other states, California is a long state. This means you can drive 8 hours and still be in California.

That also means there’s so much to explore without ever leaving the state. If I wanted to get away, I could drive 2 hours south to beautiful Monterey and Carmel.

I could go 4 hours north to visit scenic Mendocino or 2 hours north to the famous Napa Valley for wine tasting and the best food.

Or I have the option of driving 8+ hours south to go to Los Angeles or visit Disneyland. And I have all these places that I can visit without ever crossing the state border.

When we had to move 3 years ago to a city 45 minutes east of San Francisco, we used a REALTOR®. And I’m so glad we did because she found us a place very quickly that fit our budget, was in a nice neighborhood, and across the street from a popular strip mall, which made grocery shopping and running errands very convenient. It also made the process of moving less stressful!

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4 Comments on Why I Love Living in California

  1. I lived in the state I was born and did not know I was born into when I was 21 years young..I mean I found out I was born there when I turned 21, I loved it lived there for many years all over the state, san diego, ventura/santa Barbara and my fav. san Francisco and Berkeley where my brother was at UC Berkeley…I lived in that gorgeous state until I moved to god-forsaken Oregon and met my only husband of nearly 41 years as of the end of May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We married in Nevada and resided in the most beautiful and nature loving and sun loving state Colorado it was like California only without all the people, it is not sadly that way anymore, we live in Washington state which is lovely all year round and green, we are having a drought like California sadly and homes on the seattle area are just as expensive as where you live, culturally diverse and good foods and many many people who are from other countries and lovely, we don’t live in King county or near seattle but we get to go to the shore all the time..Warmest year in recorded weather history and many will suffer, I do love California but we could never afford a home there and many things are happening in urban centers we are not happy with, many prejudiced human beings except where you live, but the housing prices are just tooooo expensive, poor California one of the least home ownership of all of the USA…just saying, love your blog though, get some really great tips on how to live an authentic life!

    • Hi Mary Jane,

      Wow, you’ve lived in a lot of different states. Thanks for sharing your background and for faithfully following my blog! I love California. It is pricey to live here but my family and friends are here and that makes it home.

      • We get to go to California for a family members huge wedding anniversary in the bay area, whooooop dee dooo! I thought of you and thought why not shout out a how are you today..We are driving in a prius with two other family members, the gas won’t cost much cause they fuel up in Costco’s and said not to worry, I am over the moon to see my relatives and visit the state of my birth and eat at the places of family I have not seen for years, you can be sure I will be on the lookout for bargains because so much up here you cannot get only in California, and I am a skinflint and save up for neat trips such as this, I must get something wonderful for my family for the trip they are retired like us and I like to spoil my familia! ciao!

        • Hi Mary Jane,

          Sounds like it will be a fun trip! Yay! And thanks for thinking of me. Enjoy your trip and the amazing food here!

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