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Month: July 2011

Free Baby Stuff

free baby stuff

There are a lot of sites that claim to offer free baby stuff but make you complete offers in order to get your “free stuff”. That’s too much work. After all, as parents we don’t have much time to ourselves anyway. Here is a list of 5 legitimate ways to get free baby stuff with […] Read more…

Mr. Rebates – Cash Back for Online Shopping

mr rebates

Mr. Rebates is an online shopping rebate program, where you earn cash back every time you shop from their list of online merchants. I signed up for Mr. Rebates last year, made some purchases, and totally forgot about it. When I logged in and checked my account, I had almost $10 in rebates. If I […] Read more…

Amazon Credit Card Rewards – Earn Free Stuff


Amazon recently announced that you may now use your Amazon credit card rewards towards purchases on Yes, there’s now a way to get free stuff on! I’ve had the Amazon visa credit card by Chase for a few years, since I frequently shop at for their great prices and fast shipping. I […] Read more…

Free Baby Formula

how to get free baby formula

It’s nice to have a supply of baby formula if you don’t breastfeed, want to supplement, or just want a backup supply of baby formula. If you can get free baby formula and coupons, why not take advantage of it? During pregnancy is a good time to apply to for free baby formula and formula […] Read more…