Instant Pot Corn on the Cob – 2 Ways


Want buttery, juicy, creamy corn on the cob? I made it 2 ways in the Instant Pot! I grew up eating it plain, steamed because that’s how we do it in California. But I was intrigued when I saw others on Facebook, cooking it in milk and butter? When I finally tried corn on the […] Read more…

The Free Practical Guide to Start Your First Budget


Are you trying to budget better or even start a budget for the first time? So glad you’re here! A budget is simply a spending plan so you know where your money is going. And it doesn’t have to be boring! I created Budgeting Made Easy, my budgeting ebook and printables, so that I would […] Read more…

Grocery Price List – How to Find the Lowest Price

How do you find the lowest price for your groceries? Use a grocery price book. Find out how.

Find out how to use a grocery price list to figure out what’s the best deal. If you’ve been studying grocery sales, you will start to notice that not all sales are really a good deal. And sometimes buying an item in a bulk pack is not necessarily cheaper. It gets confusing at first since […] Read more…

Deals on Instant Pot and Cooking Tools


Amazon Prime Day is here – July 15 – 16th only! If you’re looking to save money on Instant Pot products, I’ve gathered the best deals for you! Join Amazon Prime These deals are for Amazon Prime members ONLY! Don’t worry if you’re not a member because you can sign up with a free trial. […] Read more…

Make Mocha at Home without a Machine


Do you love mocha but feel like it’s too hard to make? Or you need special equipment? What if I told you that you can make mocha at home, using tools you already have? Mocha is one of my all time, favorite espresso drinks! And once upon a time (before I had 2 kids), I […] Read more…

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