If you had a way to make $100 in a day, would that help with bills?

What about building an emergency, retirement, or college fund?

Stay positive and open to different opportunities and you’ll find that it’s not hard to make extra money.

You have the power to earn more money than you think.

And you have inherent skills to get you there.

You have try different things to figure that out and know that you can do it.

It’s not impossible. It is possible!

Once you earn that first $100, the next $100 won’t be that hard, will it?

You’ll be shocked at how much these ordinary side jobs can earn real money. Here are 20 legitimate ways to make $100 in a day.

Need an extra $100? Here are some REAL ways to make $100 in a day that you can do. #makemoney #sidehustle #extramoney #extra income

1. Take Surveys

Opinion Outpost offers cash or gift cards for filling out surveys. Note: it might take longer than a day to earn $100 through this method.


2. Sell Products on Amazon

This is a new way that people are making money, by reselling things on Amazon. There are two ways that people sell on Amazon – by retail arbitrage and private label.

Retail arbitrage is buying products for cheaper like on clearance and then reselling them at a marked up price. Private label is manufacturing your own items and then selling them.

There is so much to learn about the rules of selling on Amazon that I recommend you do research before starting. The con is that you have use your money to buy things first and if they don’t sell then you’re stuck with a loss.

Get started with this book, Making Money with Amazon FBA.

3. Trade in Your Used Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and Books

Sell your old cell phones for gift cards on Amazon.com. I know it’s not cash, but you can use an Amazon gift card to get stuff you need.

It’s free, meaning no fees and free shipping is included! If your item isn’t accepted, you also get free shipping when Amazon returns your item.

4. Resell Unused Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards that you know you’ll never use? Check to see how much they’re worth at cardpool.com.

Earn up to 92% of the value without having to mail the cards. It’s done electronically.


5. Babysitting

Most people don’t think of babysitting as a viable way to earn money. Change the way you think about it and you can earn over $100 in a day.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, babysitters earn anywhere from $10 – $30 an hour. Two of my friends who work in childcare full-time, have babysat after hours or on weekends for the kids they take care of during the day at school or daycare. They have earned $30 an hour because the parents trust them over other babysitters, since their kids know them well.

If you decorate your house or apartment to look like a daycare, with lots of toys and child-friendly decor, and people know you are good with kids, you can charge $15-$20/hour. Babysit 2 kids for 3.5 hours and you will make over $100.

There is a real need for childcare. Even busy stay-at-home-moms need extra help.

Start with offering your services to friends on Facebook.

6. Pet Sitting

Pet owners treat their pets as their own kids. They need to find people they trust to take care of their pets when they are out of town.

If you love animals, this is for you. Check out sittercity.com.

7. House Cleaning

Believe it or not, cleaning houses can earn $100 a day. It’s not glamorous but it’s a service that people are willing to pay for.

When I was moving out of my apartment, I paid $250 for 2 people to clean our 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and living room.

They cleaned the blinds and windows too. And it took them 4 hours.

I gladly paid this because I didn’t have time to clean as I was still moving stuff out. If I did this myself, it would have taken me over 8 hours!

It’s a lot of hard work but anyone can do this – you included! All you need is cleaning products, rags, broom, and a vaccuum cleaner.

8. Photography

Photography is a popular hobby nowadays. If you already own the equipment and can shoot professional photos, you can earn extra income.

Do one portrait session for 2 hours and you will earn $100.

You’ll have to create a portfolio with your own website and refine your style. Don’t forget that photography is shooting photos and also editing them.

Learn about the photography business with this book, The Photographer’s MBA: Everything You Need to Know for Your Photography Business.

9. Painting Rooms

Know how to paint rooms? There is a need for this service, especially for landlords who are changing tenants and new homeowners.

Earn $100 – $200 per room and charge for the cost of the paint.

10. Gardening or Yard Work

Gardening and yard work are much needed services. Do 2 to 3 jobs in a day and you’ll earn your $100.

11. Graphic Design

Businesses need logos, brochures, flyers, and other materials designed. You can charge by the hour or a flat rate. See here for tips on how to price your work.

12. Website Design/Set up

Many small businesses need help with setting up a simple website. If you are a WordPress pro, then this could be an option for you.

13. Driver

Have you heard of Lyft and Uber? As a part-time driver, you can earn up to $35/hr. Within 3-4 hours, you will earn $100.

Check to see if it’s available in your area.

14. Hair and Makeup Services

Are you talented with creating hairstyles and applying makeup? In our area, hair and makeup services for weddings cost $125 – $500.

15. Return Past Purchases

A quick way to get $100 is to return something you recently purchased. As long as you have the receipt, the products still have tags and are new, and you’re within the return period, you’re golden! Return the items and use the money for your bills.

16. Bartending

Bartenders for weddings and special events earn $100 per gig. If you are good at making drinks and love parties, this is for you.

17. Home Repairs

If you can do home repairs, you can easily earn $100 in a few hours.

18. Garbage Removal

Do you have a truck? Earn money by hauling junk to the dumpster.

19. Tutoring

Professional tutors make anywhere from $30 – $50 an hour. In a few hours, with a few clients, you can make $100.

20. Rent Out a Room

If you live in popular cities like San Francisco or New York and live near top tourist attractions, it won’t be hard to rent out a spare room or house to tourists. Check for restrictions from your landlord (if you’re a renter).

Airbnb has made this very popular. Check out potential guests carefully as some have used these spaces for seedy purposes.

Finally, use these as ideas and think about your skill set. What have you done to earn extra cash?

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6 Comments on 20 Legitimate Ways to Make $100 in a Day

  1. This is a great list of different ways to make money in a day. I used to do a lot of little different things but now everything I do is focused on online jobs.

  2. Here in this town it costs an arm and a leg for babysitters, most just sit around and eat your food and drink whatever you got in your home plus they want tons of money for doing nothing, I have seen it a lot, most moms cannot stay home as they are the breadwinner and have to work or the dads have full custody, too bad parents cannot help out, most are too old and don’t want to babysit the grand and great grandbabies at all…I stayed at home cause the person who watched my only child drank beer and my daughter told me about it, that was it for me, plus they increased the cost of the daycare, so I just quit an excellent job and stayed at home, between the taxes, commute and the cost of daycare it was a no brainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hear you. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with babysitters. I stayed home too because it wouldn’t be worth it to work and pay for daycare too. No one ever regretted spending more time with their kids.

      But there are great babysitters out there. I had a mother’s helper watch my daughter when I was home writing my book. My daughter loved her.

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