Lately, I’ve been hooked on Redbox, since I found some free codes.

What’s not to like about free DVD rentals?

We have Netflix now but it seems to take forever to get a new DVD.

Sometimes my husband is too busy to watch the DVD that comes in so I may have to wait weeks until the next new DVD.

I’m not really patient so I decided to give Redbox a try.

If you don’t know what Redbox is, it’s a DVD rental kiosk conveniently located in places you would normally go to, like the supermarket or drugstore.

DVD rentals cost $1 or more per day, depending on location. In the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s $1.31 including taxes.

You get to keep the DVD for one night. Then you have to return it before 9pm the next day to avoid fees.

You do have to swipe your credit card for each rental, even if it’s a free rental.

I was able to get a free Redbox code and rent my first DVD completely free. Love!

After that, I got more codes for more free rentals. I actually haven’t paid for a rental yet, but I will sometime soon, since I love the service and concept.

Here are several ways to get free Redbox codes.

1. Register for an account on

After you reserve a movie on and rent it, you’ll receive a promo code for a free rental. By having an account, you’ll receive email receipts of your rentals. You can reserve movies online and find which kiosk has the movie you want.

2. Sign up to receive text offers from Redbox on your phone.

If you have unlimited texting on your phone, then sign up for texts from Redbox. They’ll send you a promo code for a free rental every month, usually on a Monday.

These codes are for one time use only and cannot be shared. You might have to use the code the same day you receive the text.

3. Follow Redbox on Facebook.

They post free Redbox codes from time to time. I got my first free rental this way.

4. Check

Find the latest free Redbox codes and when the codes last worked.

5. Tell a friend.

If you love Redbox as much as I do, this is not hard to do. In your Redbox account, under account summary, you’ll see a way to earn free rentals.

You can invite friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, or a link.

When your friend rents a DVD through your link (this is my link), you earn a free one night rental.

Tips for using Redbox promo codes:

  • Most promo codes only work at the Redbox kiosk, not online.
  • Not all the promo codes you find online might work for you. Some work only in certain areas.
  • If you do find a code that works, you can use the code once per credit card. That means you can use the code again on another card.
  • After you’ve exhausted all of the free codes, have a family member rent DVDs with the same codes.
  • One time use codes are just that. You can only use it once. They are unique codes and cannot be shared.

Enjoy some free rentals from Redbox!

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